Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Big C Filming at Greenwich High!

Excitingly, when I went to a meeting at Greenwich High School yesterday, the Big C was filming! Talk about dropping into my lap. My boring insurance meeting was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the science classroom in which they were filming. I sidled up to some crew members, whispered/mouthed, “I’m just nosy,” and peeked in at the filming. Then I skedaddled, as I didn’t want to push my luck, plus I had to go listen to some really horribly boring information before rushing off to pick up the toddler.

On the way out of my meeting, I chatted up a crew guy and promised him I’d stalk them more this summer, when I only have a toddler to deal with as opposed to a toddler and a job.

Set-stalking is a real time investment; that's what you don't realize until you do it. I spent at least 6 hours stalking all over Stamford before it paid off in getting to watch DeNiro act at the train station.

I did receive other information from crew members, but since I did not identify myself as a blogger, I’m not going to blab anything.

I'll just say, I think it's totally awesome that Greenwich Schools was up for having Showtime film at GHS! SO COOL! Click here to read more.