Thursday, July 29, 2010

Windshield Spam

You know how it's illegal to spam people via email? Illegal to send emails about your product unless the person has signed up? Well, shouldn't that same idea apply to your CAR WINDSHIELD?

I forget where I was- maybe the Newfield CVS, maybe the Super Stop and Shop, but after I crammed the crabby baby into his carseat under the blazing hot sun, I got inside to the blessed cool air of the car and put it in drive... only to see a FLIER under my passenger side window.

Yeah. I really feel like stopping my car and walking ALL THE WAY AROUND THE OTHER SIDE OF MY CAR IN ONE HUNDRED DEGREE HEAT to dislodge a piece of paper about which I likely have NO interest.

Well, turns out I have a great interest in the product- FOOD- so I'm actually MORE likely to remember that it was Myrna's who put the flier there, and more likely to NOT go to that restaurant, so as to not support the annoying practice of putting fliers under people's windshields.

At a certain point, it's a safety issue. I should not have to stop my car on the side of the road to remove a flier, nor should I have to drive with the distraction of a piece of paper fluttering along in front of me.

Myrna's, cut it out!

OK actually I am looking at the flier- JUST THE COVER, I refuse to open it!- and it's kinda making my mouth water for falafel.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hope St: Way Too Exciting

Boy, Hope Street keeps busy with car crashes, robberies, and power loss more than I can keep track of.
Actually, I do sorta keep track. My two friends who live off Hope St are constantly posting on facebook about how they've lost power due to weather or a car smashing into a power pole.
Via the Stamford Advocate, I read today about a guy robbing a Mexican restaurant then holding police at bay while threatening to kill himself, and I've read in the past year about a couple of bank robberies.
Hope St, bring it down a notch!

I've posted in the past about how Stillwater was in the headlines too much; Hope St appears now to be seeking some negative attention for herself. Tsk tsk.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breastfeeding in the Park: Why Not?

If you are breastfeeding your baby/kid, come join us for Breastfeeding in the Park on Tuesday Aug 3 and help set a record for most people breastfeeding in CT at one time. (I know, sorta random, but why not. People set records for like, most people standing in a soup pot.) The event is part of World Breastfeeding Week and is sponsored by La Leche League of Stamford/Greenwich, which is an awesome organization that I'm a part of. The actual record-setting will be at noon at Kosciuzsko (I really have no idea how to spell this but I refuse to spell check it because my grandpa was born in Kosciusko Mississippi and I know the Stamford park has one extra letter) Park, but people will be hanging out at 11. Suggested donation of 1$ to benefit LLL of Greenwich/Stamford.

Please spread the word if you know any nursing moms!

The park is pretty easy to find; just go down Wash Blvd, past the train station, and keep driving straight until you drive straight into the park. Don't miss the sign like I did and turn left like a bonehead.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

O'Neil Medley, Rest in Peace

I was so sad to realize that the Stamford man I'd heard was killed in a motorcycle accident on Rt. 7 was actually a trainer at my gym from 1998-2002. I went there a lot, so I saw him a lot. When I saw the picture below, and realized who he was, I felt awful.

The Greenwich Time article tells about O'Neil Medley's career as a coach and teacher at GA. There's another article in the Greenwich Post.

I just have to include this CT Post file photo of O'Neil- I like the earnest expression on his face.

O'Neil was always very, very nice, and I feel terribly that he had to die like that.

You can read his obituary here. I just realized his wake ended a few minutes ago, and his funeral is tomorrow morning.

Goodbye O'Neil.

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SBC Rocks the Kids' Menu!

Kudos to SBC for their great kids' menu. They offer the usual burger and chicken fingers, as well as salmon and numerous other options, WITH a veggie, mashed potatoes or fries, fruit cup, drink AND dessert- all for 6-7 bucks. Spectacular!

With prices and healthy options like that, I can order what I want without worrying if the kid can eat it too.

It was also very quiet on a Friday night at 6.

Thanks to Ryan for the great service.

Next on my list to try is Riviera Maya, whose outside patio was almost full at 7. I saw what I am pretty sure was sangria that I'm dying to try! Click here to read more.

Brian Cashman (Who?) at Darien Starbucks

My friend just tweeted that she saw Brian Cashman at the Darien Starbucks and I thought I'd share.

I had to google the dude. Evidently he is a Yankees exec. I do the OPPOSITE of following baseball, so don't count on me for spotting baseball figures around town! Click here to read more.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron Inside Scoop from Neil Vigdor on Twitter

I'm trying to keep up with Greenwich LeBron mania while my maniacal toddler runs around the living room, eating tissues and tickling my neck with a toy boat. I'm relying on Greenwich Time reporter Neil Vigdor, via twitter. I love that he is sharing rumors, like LeBron's entourage is at Polpo. I adore gossip.
If you don't tweet, you can still see his twitter stuff on the Greenwich Time website.
Thanks Neil! Click here to read more.

LeBron Victim of Friend's Inconvenient Wedding?

Well, Carmelo Anthony's wedding IS this weekend, so perhaps LeBron is up here for that... But the wedding isn't until Saturday-I'm thinking Knicks, people! Why else would he be out here so early?
If he were going to Miami, wouldn't he just make that announcement from Ohio?

You know, Greenwich still makes no sense.

Maybe LeBron and Carmelo are BFFs and LeBron HAS to be here for all the pre-wedding festivities. You know how people get with their weddings, forcing their friends to make all kinds of crazy travel plans through guilt trips and threats. Why else would LBJ make his announcement in such a random location?

That has to be it.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron in Greenwich: Big Fat HUH???

This news is bigger than Bieber, people!

I just saw on Twitter, and then on the Greenwich Time front page, that LeBron will be announcing tomorrow night, from the Greenwich Boys and Girls Club, where he'll play next year.

HUH? was my first reaction. But then I read on the NY Daily News that the Knick's training center is in Greenburg NY. So if LeBron is going to the Knicks, the Greenwich announcement makes more sense. I mean why would he come to Greenwich to announce that he's going to Chicago or Miami?

(Update, 5 min later: My friend says LeBron is in town for a wedding. Don't ask me how he knows that, but this friend seems to always know stuff.)

I care very little about pro b-ball, but I really like LeBron. He was so funny when he hosted SNL a couple of years ago. If you're funny, and can match up with the pros on SNL, you're cool in my book.

The NY Daily News article has a lot of info on the hubbub at the Boys and Girls Club; it's worth a read. Click here to read more.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Justin Bieber's Mom Hearts Greenwich!

OMGeeeeee I am seeeeeeriously freaking out, people!

Justin Bieber in Old Greenwich!?!?

I quote my favorite local celeb gossip columnist, Susie Costaregni, whose name I can now proudly spell correctly:
Scene ... Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old Canadian pop star, was seen water-skiing around Greenwich Harbor and at Darlene's Heavenly Desires Chocolates and Ice Cream on Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich with his mother Pattie Mallette and manager, Scott "Scooter" Braun. Were they house-hunting? Rumor is Bieber wants to buy his mom a house.

Yes, I DO think they were house-hunting! OG is super cute, plus it's right by the train- perfect for Bieber's Mom to go in to the city to see her teeny bopper star son. And perfect for Justin to zip out and do some water-skiing. Or even kayaking.

If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, that's because you don't teach tweens like I do. I know FAR more about Justin Bieber than I ever expected to. I'm OK with that, but I'm not ok with his music. It's terrible. You may have heard Justin's horrifyingly annoying song, "And I said Baby, Baby, oooh Baby Baby" or something like that. It's just awful.

I'd like Justin Bieber's Mom to move into Greenwich. I don't want to meet Justin Bieber, but a lot of my students do, so this would make them happy, and I'd like that.
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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Remember when there was a gas station on this corner- Mobil, right- ten years ago? My, how times have changed.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Coyotes Rampaging in Rye

It's kind of freaky that coyotes have attacked kids twice in Rye- kids who were playing in their own backyards.

An animal expert on the news said not to run from a coyote and not to curl up into a ball- you should kick it or throw something at it to teach it to fear you. He said the problem is that coyotes have lost their fear of humans.

If the coyotes I've seen in Greenwich- one trotting leisurely down a sidewalk- are any indication, coyotes losing their fear is certainly a problem.

Consider yourself warned!

I have a surprising number of posts on this blog about coyotes.

My first was when I talked about Kathie Lee Gifford, coyotes in Greenwich, and a coyote spotted off High Ridge in Stamford.

My second was about another coyote sighting and another pet doggie killed.

My third coyote post was where I grilled the pilot of my small airplane taking me from Memphis to Tupelo on the "fox" he'd seen on the runway- he eventually admitted it was a coyote.

There might be another coyote post somewhere, but I'm going to use my precious free time during baby's nap to get my life organized!
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