Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Biggest Loser Finale on Tonight!

Set your DVRs, or TiVos, because this is the most important TV event of December: The Biggest Loser Finale! One of my coworkers* and I are completely addicted to the show, and since she lives in the city, she always stays over with me on Tuesdays and we watch the show together (usually while eating Oreos, ice cream, or mac and cheese from a box). She saves a day of commuting, and I get girl time and a Biggest Loser fan who is as emotionally wrapped up in the show as I am. Actually, I think she's more wrapped up than me. She cries during the touchy-feely parts that I usually fast forward through if I'm watching it by myself.

If you haven't watched the show, I hope you try it. I apologize in advance for the contestant named Vicky. She's mean, rude, stupid, annoying and vengeful, and she almost ruined the season for me. She's one of the three finalists, but so is my favorite Michelle, and I hope Michelle kicks her HEINIE. In the photo above, Vicky's on the far left and Michelle is beside her.

Click here for a short article about the finale, and here for a more detailed one about the game play involved in last week's episode.

*At this point I should probably just refer to her as my friend, since we've worked together for 9 years and are basically surrogate sisters, but we met at work.


LTK815 said...

Biggest Loser is my favorite, favorite show. And my husband has been told to go find someone to play with tonight, because I'm watching it! (I usually dvr it and watch it when he's not around!)And I agree, Vicki almost ruined it for me too, but Michelle's going to win, and all will be ok!

Anonymous said...

Heba is the size of a tank. I hope she is even fatter at the finale.

Jimbeau said...

Your post provides me the ideal opportunity to thank you. Through reading your Blog, I discovered the local Biggest Loser contest at Innovative Fitness. I joined up and during the program I have lost 47 pounds so far. They are starting another 12-week contest starting Jan. 5th and I'll again be participating, although now with a lot less weight to lose. So Thanks, Stamford Talk for helping me find my own inner Biggest Loser (which didn't require me to quit my job!) and help me get in shape!

Julie said...

Have fun tonight! Our friends always watch it with a pint of ice cream which I find hilarious!

Stamford Talk said...

Last night we actually had froyo, and felt VERY guilty eating our mac and cheese, because the contestants were so trim!

Jimbeau, that's great! I am so happy my blog was useful- that is why I started it. I first discovered working out and eating healthy ten years ago- roomie was a personal trainer, then my next roomie happened to be a nutritionist, so I basically had 4 years of free consulting/training- and feel very lucky I got to learn how to live that way. It's def. a lifestyle! I'm glad you got to find the same thing through an affordable program. You'll have to let me know how the next one goes! Congrats on your achievement and keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Heba and Vicky, I guess being bitches did not pay off in the end. I am so glad that Michelle won! She is a sweetie. Heba got a real shock when people voted against her because of her bitchy ways and hubbie Ed got to be a finalist. Wonder how that went down at home! I hope they watch the episodes and change their ways. What a personality for a Mom! Go, Michelle, and what a end for Coleen and her Dad. I just love this show!

Stamford Talk said...

I love it too, and feel very happy to have a couple coworkers who are as obsessed as I am. Obsessions are so much fun when shared. I was shocked that 84% of America felt strongly enough to want to punish Heba for being so mean- but man, do I love my fellow Americans for it.

I was so thrilled to see how gorgeous Phil and Amy looked.

Next season looks a little crazy, what with the very high weights of the starting contestants! I'm so excited for the debut Jan. 6.

Anonymous said...

Innovative Fitness has an amazing 12 week Biggest Loser Program right here in Stamford. Jimbeau did it and we all cheered him on! He did great! If anyone is interested check out the website at www.innovativefitnessct.com- click on Biggest Loser Program and watch the video-

Or call- 203-388-8206- it's a great way to lose weight, get in shape, meet people and have fun.