Monday, December 22, 2008

Mobile Snowman Shops at Stamford Mall

OK, so the mobile snowman was spotted at the MALL today! How did he get the day off work to go shopping is my question. Thanks to reader RN who sent in this photo! You'll note the snowman is dressed a lot fancier than he was on Friday night, when my friend spotted him nearly nude off exit 9. He must be heading out to a party tonight.

In the interest of public safety, I'm going to assume that the cold weather makes the snowman unmeltable, and that the snowman's driver is a professional snow sculptor who knows how to make unknockdown-able structures. Because if I were say, walking on a sidewalk, and that truck turned the corner and fell on me, I'd be mad. I do not mean to rain on, and melt, that snowman's parade... but I'm into safety, OK?

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Paul said...

I saw this exact same snowman on I95 the other day heading east towards Norwalk. It looked like he might have been getting onto the 7 connector when I passed him. So much for driving slow with that in the back...