Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ode to Darien and Its Amenities

Someone recently suggested, in a conversation about home prices, that what I should really do is try to buy a little house in Darien, because the schools are really good.
Well, no doody. I should also really ask for a tripling/quadrupling of my salary so I have a smidgen of a chance of affording the cheapest house in Darien. Median income there is one of the highest in the nation- Darien and New Canaan were one and two in a recent report- at around $230,000.
I don't think I could ever afford Darien, but I'm oddly fond of it. I lived there for two years when I first moved up here, and I still go there a lot.

Top 10 Reasons I Love Darien
1. My doctor, dentist, and podiatrist, all of whom I really like, are in Darien.
2. Elements Yoga studio by the Noroton Heights train station.
3. Barrett Bookstore- great independent book store- also by the NH train station.
4. Lanphier- my favorite hair salon. They'll fix the highlight disaster caused by the salon in Stamford, two weeks before your wedding.
5. Post Corner Pizza- I love their pizza and chicken souvlaki.
6. Coromandel- best Indian from Greenwich to Norwalk. Oh sure, they just turned Dakshin into Coromandel, but parking's easier in Darien.
7. Noroton Heights train station off exit 10- good place to meet up with people if you need to carpool, especially to Cove Beach.
8. If you happen to be the work-at-home type who needs to get out of the house, the Darien Library-Darien Starbucks combo is a good alternative to Greenwich Library. Parking at Stamford Library/Starbucks is always a pain- unless you are one of those young whippersnappers who live in a downtown condo or apartment.
9. Trader Joe's is a fun little specialty grocery store right on the Norwalk border. They've got good meals in boxes. You know, rather than mac and cheese, they'll have some fancy Indian dish that's easy to make.
10. That's all I can think of. Anyone else want to add anything?


Irenesbooks said...

10. Palmer's in Noroton (near the Barrett Bookstore). A Nice supermarket to shop.

11. The cheese shop in the Goodwives Shopping Plaza, next door to the Coromandel.

Fred said...

One of my favorites is the Sugar Bowl. Great place for breakfast and people watching too!

J from CT said...

Two from me:

I like that Darien still has a Duchess. It was a sad day when the one in Shippan closed down.

Also, Johnny's Records used to be the only place around where one could get bootlegs. Lots of stuff crammed into a tiny space, knowledgeable staff. Haven't been there in years, but every music fan should go there at least once.

Sugar Bowl, though, gets a thumbs down from me. I like the decor, but the one and only time I tried going there, I walked out after witnessing their frenzied seating policy. I just wanted pancakes, not a free-for-all.

Anonymous said...

Palmer's. Johnny's Records. Woodland Park.

StationStops.com said...

Post Corner Pizza - the only place my wife will get pizza or salad from - and were down in greenwich.

Personally I prefer Colony Grill pizza, but you can't get a PCP greek salad with gyro meat on it there - yum!

Anonymous said...

Sabateillo's = CLOSED


Bruce Beckett said...

Darien Library: for the latest DVDs (although it's closed at the moment while they transfer to the new building).

Coromandel: the only decent Indian I have eaten at in this country. The lunchtime buffet is tremendous value for money, especially on weekdays.

Palmers: too expensive for a full shop but great for its bakery goods.

Panera: for French onion soup and half a sani.

The Melting Pot: for a fun night out and food with a difference now and again.

Dunkin Donuts: for cappuccino and easy parking.

Uncle's DelI: for a bacon and egg sandwich.

Darien Playhouse: pretty comfortable movie theater.

Yes, it's hard to believe I actually live in Stamford!

Jeff said...

I know it's old news, but I can't get over Darien's past as a sundown town. My own parents were steered away from moving there in the early 70s because of their religion.

I guess I hold a grudge. And one which I'm willing to get over when I eat at Coromandel.

Anonymous said...

Darien sucks. New Canaan is the best.

Anonymous said...

Centro's for reasonably priced italian food...

And if you're with the family, Bertucci's. Or is that norwalk already?

Julie said...

I second the Melting Pot - fun for a group night out although pricey. Who doesn't love melted chocolate?!

Also, LOVE the Shaw's in Stamford despite its bad layout - really good produce in comparison to the stores in Stamford.....

gms said...

Actually, Barrett Books (if it is the same one) used to be on summer Street in Stamford when I was a child, and I loved it. There was actually a better little family owned store in Ridgeway when I was really a very small child, the Lennon Book Shop, where I bought TinTin stories and cheap editions of childrens' classics.

There's a juice bar there, I think.

But the point of this post was to ask for a recommendation for a dentist, if you can. I don't make enough money for my Stamford dentist, who takes his staff on trips around the country and never tires of telling me about his wealthy and famous clientele.

gms said...

I forgot to mention Ernie's, the best crummy bar in the area.

And Patricia Blake Catering, two doors down and a world away, the best upscale caterer in the county.