Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stamford Artist Profile: PennyCraft

My friend Kate found this local artist online and offered to write a profile, so here it is! Come on, that baby sock bunny super hero is adorable.
One way to help Stamford's economy is to let residents know about the goodies being created in their own backyards. Jen Rice of Stamford turned her childhood love of sewing into a career on two fronts. By day, she is a costume designer teaching design and sewing at Long Island University. In her spare time she creates unique and fanciful creatures and clothing. Operating as PennyCraft, Jen hand sews most of her cuddly crafts.

PennyCraft prides itself on seeing beyond the original purpose of unwanted items like sweaters and baby socks to make them useful once again. Her creations range from cozy hats to adorable bunnies – all with an artistic element setting them apart from standard industrial fare. There are superhero bunnies ready for action with a mask and cape, flocks of stylized bluebirds singing from the trees, and psychedelic bunnies dressed in rainbow colors. PennyCraft offers authentic handmade crafts that are friendly to both kids and the environment - plus - they're made right here in Stamford.

PennyCraft creations are available at etsy.
Note: PennyCraft creatures may include small parts unsuitable for children 3 and under.

Stamford Talk's note: Whatever this baby's selling, I'll buy it. That's one cute baby.

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how cute. i love it! and i think i know a gillion other moms who might too. thanks for passing it on...