Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wes Craven Movie

A reader emailed to let me know that Wes Craven was filming two weeks ago at Westhill High School, right in the middle of the school day. Movie trucks and trailers were there, and he used the courtyard and pool areas. I'm a little curious how common it is for movies to be filmed in the middle of the school day, but whatever. You've got to have some fun in life. I also wonder if Westhill got paid to be a venue.

A March article for Channel 3 says that Craven was using an old Tolland school building for filming; I bet Westhill's pool and courtyard were 2 more venues that Tolland didn't offer:
The former Tolland High School building may be used in director Wes Craven's horror film, "25/8," to be released in 2009. Craven, known for films like "Scream" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" told reporters that "25/8" is less gore and more thrill. "The scenes portray the average comings and goings of everyday life in an average high school," the movie's production company said in a letter...

Wikipedia entry about the film:
Production on 25/8 began April 14, 2008. As of April 11, 2008, the movie is being filmed at the old Tolland High School in Tolland, Connecticut. The cast currently includes Max Thieriot, Denzel Whitaker, Shareeka Epps, Emily Meade, Jeff Ward, Nick Lashaway, John Magaro, Zena Grey, Paulina Olszynski, and Raúl Esparza. As of May 2, filming is taking place at the Bulls Bridge section of Kent, Connecticut. Also they are filming on Terrace Place and Carl's Lane in New Milford CT. For a couple days, it was filmed at Arena Gymnastics and the Tully Center in Stamford, CT. Currently filming at Westhill High School in Stamford, CT.

Since there are mostly teen actors in this films, I have no interest in stalking the set. I'm only interested in the big names and/or good-looking actors much closer to my own age.

For a complete run down on the big highs (and current lows) I experienced with Stamford movie sets, see the "Movies Filming in CT" category of posts.


Anonymous said...

This is not in reference to the wes craven post, but instead to house hunting. Sorry, not sure how to post comments on the mind. As my husband and I are looking for homes to buy, (we currently own but would like to upgrade) I feel complete despair!! As I watch housewives of orange county I have become completely envious of the luxurious homes shown. I searched for homes on in stamford and did a comparison house search in coto for the same amount of money and you will never believe it! ITS RIDICULOUS!!! The homes available in the coto community are far more appealing than the homes available here, and the dollar takes you way further in the community of the wealthy!! What is happening?????

Stamford Talk said...

My husband could have a long discussion with you about this... as best I can tell, median income in this area is probably higher than out there (OK actually I have no clue).
In any case, yes, housing prices in this area are insane. What you get for 600,000- at least last year- was laughable.
But listen, if you feel despair watching Housewives of the OC, you gotta stop watching. Those ladies are insane!
You can always email
stamfordtalk [at] gmail [dot] com with comments!
I really should do a housing post, but I should probably have my husband write it. All I know is, houses cost too much.

Julie said...

Your husband and I should do a joint post on the problems of housing in the FC. HB and I have kind of renewed our search since our lease it up in April and we are quite disheartened.

Jonathan "JR" said...

Is Denzel Whitaker the lab-created offspring of Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker? That kid would be one heck of an actor!

I wish I had known Wes was filming here! I would've shown up on set with my Freddy glove and Scream mask, looking for work as an extra.

As for housing, Stamford's affluence is a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because we won't fall as far as, say, Bridgeport in bad times, but it's a curse because it keeps the "high end" of things unreachable for those of us in the middle (at least those of us who are unwilling to leverage everything on a tiny one-bedroom condo in the Cove). Also, being surrounded by Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien doesn't help...

Maybe the current economic debacle will bring prices back to their uninflated actual market value. Or not.