Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alive @ Five Starts Tonight... With Food Court!

Correction: the post I based this on was on my RSS reader but no longer on Napa's blog- whoopsie. I'll still leave this up, but Chris Preovolos of Lunch Break Chronicles tells me Napa's not doing the Alive @ Five food court. Ah well, you'll have to go to the actual resto!
Two things I gleaned from Napa and Co's blog:

1. There is now a food court (reeeeeeeally? but why? Don't they want people in the restos?) at Alive @ Five. I wonder how this is going to work out. Will lines be super long? Stamford Notes, the new Stamford blogger, will have to report, because she told me she'll be there. I don't have plans to go... yet.
Anyway, Napa is serving Chef Taibe's Grass Fed Beef Tacos and Jose's Chicken Legs at Alive @ Five. According to SDSSD's event calendar, food court will include fare from: BUtterfield 8, Carvel Ice Cream, EOS Greek Cuisine, Maui Wowi Hawaaian, napa & co., Rack ‘N’ Roll, Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza and Sundance CafĂ© & Bakery. Awesome!

2. Lower Summer St. (by Mary Ann's and the movie theatre) is CLOSED to traffic. That's new, right? I thought you used to be able to go right down Summer... maybe not, and I always got there early enough not to worry about it!

You should really be looking at the Napa and Co. blog once in a while. They have great info about their special events, and they are really doing a good job of keeping up with the blog so far.


Chris Preovolos said...

Actually, Napa & Co.'s blog says they will not participate.

Stamford Talk said...

Oh no! I just checked, and the post I based this info on is on my RSS reader, but not on the blog. Whoops. That's too bad- I'll have to add a correction. Chris, where is the post that says they won't participate?

Mr. Z said...

The note about Napa cancelling their participation in the Alive@Five food booth is added to the bottom of Tuesday's post about Retail Wine Night.

The good news is that they're going to add Chef Bill's tacos to their restaurant menu...

"p.s. we regret to say that we have pulled out of participating in the Alive at 5 Food Booth. Wonderful event, great opportunity, just not this year...sorry folks. We'll put the tacos on the menu at Napa for you to try."

Whitemist said...

I noticed they pulled the blog post and figured they would pull out. It is a lot of work to do the food thing and I am sure Alive at five is not making it cheap.