Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thule Rack Envy/What IS a Thule Rack?

*I wrote this before I had the baby, but I still don't really know what a Thule rack/pod is.

I don't actually know what Thule racks are for- I had assumed until this year that they were for skis. Now, I see Thule cargo pods on top of people's cars- are those for skis, too? Or just for carrying extra stuff? I figured they were for skis, because I never saw them until I moved up here to the northeast.

I ask because I found myself, oddly, wishing I had a Thule pod on Thursday morning. I came to a stop sign, and there was a lady about my age driving an SUV. I waved her on, and she didn't wave back "Thank you." I felt a little left out and inferior. She had a Thule pod on top of her car, and a little black dog hanging out the window. I felt a little competitive surge. The dog looked kind of yappy and annoying, but I thought to myself, "Maybe if I had a Thule rack, that lady would have seen me as an equal." A split second later, I realized how ridiculous that thought was, and I started planning this blog post in my head.
The fact that I found myself wanting a Thule rack, but not knowing what it was, amused me but also sort of horrified me. I don't want to get yuppie accessory envy, but I think I might be starting to get it, and I blame this baby. He is the reason we got a new car (used SUV). He, along with my husband, caused me to covet the $900 Bugaboo stroller. We went so far as to pick out colors before reason took over and we realized that we do not even know how much we're going to use a stroller.

Update: we definitely did not get the Bugaboo, although if I had to go back in time, I might get the $670 Uppababy Vista stroller. It's got a bassinet like the Bugaboo, but it folds in one piece with the toddler seat in, AND you can add a 2nd seat if you have another kid.


Anonymous said...

Thule racks are basically suitcases. You can put all kinds o' stuff into them. I have a friend who drives a Volvo wagon and often puts her 90lb Labrador in the wayback - she uses the Thule for the stroller and any purchases she makes during a day.

BrooklynGirl said...

It is my belief that parenting is so overwhelming that we often fall into the trap of believing that it would be easier if we had just the right stroller or bouncy seat or car or Thule pod. With few exceptions, that is rarely the case.

I also think that here in Fairfield County, the emphasis on the accumulation of stuff--and therefore the means to tote around our stuff--is out of control. Thus, there are folks driving huge Suburbans around town who, nevertheless, attach their Thule pod to the top in an absurd demonstration that THEY HAVE A LOT OF STUFF.

Maybe you need a Thule pod if you're carting around your large dog a lot as the first commenter suggested (although why would you need to cart your dog around so often?) and maybe you need one when you're going on vacation and maybe you need one to cart equipment to your kids' soccer practice. But beyond that, skip the Thule.

Always Home and Uncool said...

It's a roof luggage rack, plain and simple. We bought a far cheaper soft Thule roof rack for trips where the minivan's back is filled with kids, luggage and the dog. You can borrow it any time you need it.

JR said...

If I had a gigantic SUV, I'd have a Mini Cooper welded to the roof for storage. said...

Ok what's REALLY funny is that just last week I wished for one b/c we went to Florida and coulda REALLY used the space in the back of the SUV. ;)

Stamford Talk said...

Brooklyn Girl, well-said! We're actually on a 12 day trip in Va right now and have managed to fit stuff for 2 adults and a baby in the wagon/SUV pretty well. Could have packed less had I not been totally harried trying to pack for my first trip ever with baby.
Somehow, my sister, champion mom of 3, easily packed her mini-van on a 29 day trip for 2 adults and 3 kids, including stroller, so maybe it IS possible to surive w/o a Thule rack. Then again, she's a military wife, math major, and super-practical... all pretty much opposite of me!
Home and Uncool, thanks for the offer! You truly are the best. Kicking ass in person and on the internets.
This comment probably makes no sense, but my 10 minutes of wifi AND baby sleeping are over. I'm looking forward to being back in CT this week so I can get some free time! Traveling with a baby does not allow much of that, turns out.