Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling Unpopular? Have a Baby.

Are you feeling neglected and unpopular? Seriously, have a baby. It will restore your faith in FC humanity. Now, maybe I'm just a particularly cute and charming looking mother, but I- I mean, my baby- get so many loving, admiring glances while we're out. I "wear" him a lot in his sling, so maybe people think he's brand new or something. Really, the sling is so no one can get near him and breathe on him. Plus, I love to have his warm little body close.
In any case, people are ridiculously nice to us. Yesterday in Super Stop and Shop, I was wearing him in his Bjorn (far inferior in comfort to the Moby wrap, but easier to put on), and bending over to take items out of my cart. It was pretty cumbersome. A nice old lady must have thought I was going to drop Baby Q on his head, because she insisted on unloading my cart for me.
The checkout lady and the grocery bagger both smiled and cooed at me- I mean, my baby- and were really sweet, saying hi to us- I mean, him, and asking us- I mean, him- how old we were. (Almost 3 months!)
People, including me, are just suckers for babies. It's really sweet. You have to wonder why we can't be nicer to each other, if we are able to be so lovely with babies!

One of the nice things about a baby is that it forces you to slow down. A trip to the mall and grocery store takes twice as long, because at some point, you have to change a diaper or two (in the car) or feed the baby (which I also do in the car because mine has comfy seats). You just can't rush putting a baby in and out of a carseat, or unloading groceries while wearing a baby. You just have to accept that you are slow as a turtle, and that feels really good to me. It's like I'm living in the South again!

Now, the flip side of being that popular is that if you ARE in a hurry, you have to beat people off with sticks to keep them from talking to you and wanting to look at your baby and asking you how old he is and, of course, telling you to "enjoy every minute." Everyone says that to me. I'd say it's annoying, but it's actually a helpful reminder!


Whitemist said...

Thanks, but they still have not figured a way to do that for me! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. I've often said that I want to have another baby just because I felt more appreciated/taken care of/loved/important when I'm pregnant or have an infant than at any other time.

As to the speed thing? Wait till he's walking. If you (hopefully) don't keep him in the stroller constantly and let him walk places, you go nowhere fast. Totally worth it.

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Melina said...

And my version of this post is: Feeling Popular? Have a Teen!

Hah! ...sure to take you down a notch, even when you've just had the gray hairs they gave you washed away at a fancy salon!

My sister said that she wanted to keep having babies so that she had someone to talk to in the supermarket, lest people notice that she walks the aisles talking to herself! Having a baby in the carriage comes in handy for so many things, and that pesky talking to yourself thing is definitely one of 'em!

Now I just talk to myself outwardly because I don't care anymore, and my teen rolls his eyes and walks as far away from me as he can get, because I AM THE MOST EMBARASSING PERSON EEVVEERRRR!!!!