Friday, June 12, 2009

Oaklawn Sidewalks; And, You Should Fear Me

Stamford resident Cynthia Reeder has written up a great document about why Oaklawn Ave- a horrifyingly busy cut-through between Newfield Ave and High Ridge- needs sidewalks. Please take a look at the petition if you ever drive on Oaklawn. Then, if you want to sign the petition, email Cynthia at or call her at 602-9997. You can also swing by Beldotti's Bakery or Grunberger's Jewelry; they both have a copy, and Liz Sue Bagels might as well. The petition asks for concrete rather than crappy asphalt, and it states, “A multi-phase plan, cost analysis, and timeline are needed to prioritize the most dangerous sections and to ensure that the project is completed and funded.”

I have to say, even with sidewalks, I’d be a little scared to walk on Oaklawn. I’d be afraid a car would take a curve too fast and run off the road and onto the sidewalk. I don’t think these are just crazy-new-mom fears, either. I myself have been known to exceed the speed limit on Oaklawn, say, when a certain someone is screaming his head off in the backseat. And other drivers, often in SUVs, often take curves too fast and veer into my lane.

Another Newfield area road that could use sidewalks, badly, is Turner Rd. People go so fast on that road, I want to kill them all. Now, that IS new-mom-violence talking. (Other moms, my new increased violent urges are normal, right, a protective thing?) I could walk to the grocery store if that road had sidewalks. I suppose I could also walk down to Oaklawn if it gets sidewalks, but I repeat my fears about people driving so poorly that they’d kill me- actually, they can kill me, it’s really my baby I’m worried about. I’d rather him not be motherless, but I’d sacrifice myself- and all of you, too- for him, in an instant.

Other moms, it’s normal to lie awake at night and imagine who you’d kill if it meant your baby could survive? Right? I’ve determined that I could kill most adults, but not children. So, if a crazy killer or hostage taker made me choose, I would shoot YOU, but not your CHILDREN. Probably.

OK actually, I’d kill pretty much anyone.


Whitemist said...

Stamford is low on sidewalks in heavy traffic areas.
I need to add my voice.

Mark said...

We'll sign petition also - thanks for pointing it out.

We could also use some traffic calming obstacles. I think they would be effective.

People are in such a hurry - cutting through Turner, Oaklawn, Pepper Ridge, Ogden, Hirsch. There's no reason they need to be in such a hurry.

You should see the cars flying down the hill on Pepper Ridge to Oaklawn in the morning as children wait at the bus stop.

Wish we the people that live and walk here could take back our streets!

patty said...

Note to self: keep my children away from Stamford Talk in uncontrollable situations.

Stefania said...

Sidewalks are essential for cities. Sidewalks invite residents to stroll, meet others strolling. I can't say this enough. We need to design cities differently. I'm all for a petition for sidewalks and I would be even more interested in seeing a coherent design to make all neighborhoods in Stamford walkable (and safe).