Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jazz Outdoors at Stamford Mall: I'll Take It!

I'm glad to see Stamford Town Center making the most of their outdoor space. Here's info on the jazz, which runs from June 17 to Aug. 12. Too bad the outdoor dining looks out on a traffic circle (for valet) and Tresser Blvd., but it will still be good people watching and good music. The food... well, I can't say any of the mall places (PF Cheng's, Mitchell's Fish Market, Capital Grille) are my favorites, but I've been known to eat at them! Looks like the mall will be a good place for Wednesday happy hour, and the press release actually mentions that the Fairfield County Happy Hour Club will attend the inaugural jazz event next Wednesday. I like those people, so maybe I'll try to go.
About those much maligned mall restos:

Mitchell's Fish Market was our first outing with baby because booths are perfect for breastfeeding AND stashing the baby's carseat if he happens to fall asleep. We wanted a slightly fancier booth place because it was our two year wedding anniversary.

Capital Grille- ate there once and will not go back if I have the option to do Morton's instead. The meat was OK, but house salad SUCKED (sorry to use that word, but I feel very strongly about salads) compared to Morton's chopped salad. Morton's is just cool, and Capital Grille is just OK.

PF Chang's- We sometimes go here if we go to Barnes and Noble. I really like their crab wontons with a glass of white wine! However, for your Asian food of choice, you should do Thai Chi, formerly Plateau- better quality food, and they deliver!

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