Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hope St: Way Too Exciting

Boy, Hope Street keeps busy with car crashes, robberies, and power loss more than I can keep track of.
Actually, I do sorta keep track. My two friends who live off Hope St are constantly posting on facebook about how they've lost power due to weather or a car smashing into a power pole.
Via the Stamford Advocate, I read today about a guy robbing a Mexican restaurant then holding police at bay while threatening to kill himself, and I've read in the past year about a couple of bank robberies.
Hope St, bring it down a notch!

I've posted in the past about how Stillwater was in the headlines too much; Hope St appears now to be seeking some negative attention for herself. Tsk tsk.

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Carolie said...

Living on Hope St. It gets scary especially at the scene of the accident... I agree HOpe St please calm down!

MarathonMom said...

OK, he asked his dad to drive him and wait while he robbed the place. I don't know where that rates on the danger scale. I will have to check the archives and see if it has ever gone down like this in Dallas!

Chris Preovolos said...

Guatemalan/Salvadoran/Peruvian, not Mexican ;-)

Stop by and visit my at Enzo's sometime. I'll introduce you to the gang.


Stamford Talk said...

OK that's a little embarassing that I thought it was Mexican? Thanks for correcting?
CP, Why are you at Enzo's? Besides your usual food preoccupations?

I guess he felt safe with his Dad? I have to say, as a parent, that should make him feel good. No?

Streets of Stamford said...

I drive past El Ranchito all the time, and keep reminding myself to eat there one of these days!

What's Enzo's?