Friday, July 9, 2010

SBC Rocks the Kids' Menu!

Kudos to SBC for their great kids' menu. They offer the usual burger and chicken fingers, as well as salmon and numerous other options, WITH a veggie, mashed potatoes or fries, fruit cup, drink AND dessert- all for 6-7 bucks. Spectacular!

With prices and healthy options like that, I can order what I want without worrying if the kid can eat it too.

It was also very quiet on a Friday night at 6.

Thanks to Ryan for the great service.

Next on my list to try is Riviera Maya, whose outside patio was almost full at 7. I saw what I am pretty sure was sangria that I'm dying to try!


Streets of Stamford said...

Good to know (for the future, obviously). It's awful what most restaurants have on their kids''s all fried crap!!

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with the Sangria at Riviera Maya! It was some fruit punch mix with some type of clear well/cheap alcohol in it. Definitely not what a "new Mexican Restaurant" in town should be serving to try to impress patrons. Sangria is one of those basic and simple recipes that is usually hard to mess up. What a shame...not to mention they charged $12 for one glass!!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the tip. Yes, glad to see they offer fruit and veggies with the kids meal.