Friday, July 9, 2010

O'Neil Medley, Rest in Peace

I was so sad to realize that the Stamford man I'd heard was killed in a motorcycle accident on Rt. 7 was actually a trainer at my gym from 1998-2002. I went there a lot, so I saw him a lot. When I saw the picture below, and realized who he was, I felt awful.

The Greenwich Time article tells about O'Neil Medley's career as a coach and teacher at GA. There's another article in the Greenwich Post.

I just have to include this CT Post file photo of O'Neil- I like the earnest expression on his face.

O'Neil was always very, very nice, and I feel terribly that he had to die like that.

You can read his obituary here. I just realized his wake ended a few minutes ago, and his funeral is tomorrow morning.

Goodbye O'Neil.

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The Browers said...

what a great, great man we lost as a friend.