Friday, July 2, 2010

Coyotes Rampaging in Rye

It's kind of freaky that coyotes have attacked kids twice in Rye- kids who were playing in their own backyards.

An animal expert on the news said not to run from a coyote and not to curl up into a ball- you should kick it or throw something at it to teach it to fear you. He said the problem is that coyotes have lost their fear of humans.

If the coyotes I've seen in Greenwich- one trotting leisurely down a sidewalk- are any indication, coyotes losing their fear is certainly a problem.

Consider yourself warned!

I have a surprising number of posts on this blog about coyotes.

My first was when I talked about Kathie Lee Gifford, coyotes in Greenwich, and a coyote spotted off High Ridge in Stamford.

My second was about another coyote sighting and another pet doggie killed.

My third coyote post was where I grilled the pilot of my small airplane taking me from Memphis to Tupelo on the "fox" he'd seen on the runway- he eventually admitted it was a coyote.

There might be another coyote post somewhere, but I'm going to use my precious free time during baby's nap to get my life organized!


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MarathonMom said...

Kick the coyote huh? where? In the coyote balls?

That doesn't seem like the best idea.