Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron in Greenwich: Big Fat HUH???

This news is bigger than Bieber, people!

I just saw on Twitter, and then on the Greenwich Time front page, that LeBron will be announcing tomorrow night, from the Greenwich Boys and Girls Club, where he'll play next year.

HUH? was my first reaction. But then I read on the NY Daily News that the Knick's training center is in Greenburg NY. So if LeBron is going to the Knicks, the Greenwich announcement makes more sense. I mean why would he come to Greenwich to announce that he's going to Chicago or Miami?

(Update, 5 min later: My friend says LeBron is in town for a wedding. Don't ask me how he knows that, but this friend seems to always know stuff.)

I care very little about pro b-ball, but I really like LeBron. He was so funny when he hosted SNL a couple of years ago. If you're funny, and can match up with the pros on SNL, you're cool in my book.

The NY Daily News article has a lot of info on the hubbub at the Boys and Girls Club; it's worth a read.


mr overnight said...

Ok, as a former Boys Club member, I applaud LaBrand for using the Boys and Girls Club as a platform to promote the good works the club performs for the community, especially the disadvantaged.

And what better place to ballyhoo the pressing needs of poor kids than the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Ct. , where he will present his prime time special "The Decision" tonight on ESPN. Greenwich, of course, while home to the titans of Wall Street and celebrities from Diana Ross to Ron Howard, is also notorious for its teeming ghettos, godforsaken crack houses, and savage gang drivebys.

What I hope LaBrand points out to the millions of his fans is that instead of baseball fields and swimming pools, Greewich B&G (as its known in these parts) instead boasts a perfectly groomed Croquet pitch, La Crosse field, numerous platform tennis courts, and a lush polo field for the downtrodden kids of the town's mean streets. It's also near a marina where the poor can tie up their boats whilst lunching at the Club's al fresco cafe overlooking Long Island Sound. (Their 10 dollar cucumber sandwich is quite popular with Greenwich's young Negroes, especially at that bargain price, made possible by a subsidy from the City Fathers)

As King James puts it, "What better lesson could I offer my brothers and sisters than what Greenwich B&G and yours truly symbolize. The way out of poverty is B&B. Bailout and Branding. Franchise yourself. Get subsidized. It's a slam dunk."

Of course he'll have to explain the meaning of that term to the kids at Greenwich B&G. After all, the club doesn't have a basketball court.

Streets of Stamford said...

Someone told me that he's in town for Carmelo Anthony's wedding.

My guess as to why he's making his announcement in Greenwich: he's signing with the Connecticut Sun! See, he won't be the best player in the NBA until Kobe Bryant retires, but if he signs with the Sun - BAM - instantly the best player in the WNBA.

Or maybe he's going back to college and will play for UConn Stamford's upstart new team!