Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stamford Museum and Nature Center: Adorable

I got a tour of the Stamford Museum and Nature Center last week. I figured it would just be a museum with a boring garden, but the SM&NC is actually a working farm with an incredible variety of animals, including otters, alpacas, oxen, and the biggest pigs I've ever seen. The animals, especially the otters and donkeys, are out of control adorable. In the museum, you've got until August 17 to see a very cool Lego exhibit. The next exhibit, Pets in America, will start September 13 and focus on the history of pets in America. There will be a mouse theatre, FDR's dog's collar, and a "My Pet and I" section where you can put up stories and pics of your own pet. See my flickr site for my SM&NC photos, and check out the SM&NC website for more info and dates relating to the pet exhibit. Admission is free on Wednesdays, but usually $8/adult and $4/child.

SM&NC is just north of the Merritt off of High Ridge. There are fun-sounding dog programs in the fall at SM&NC, including dog agility demonstrations and seminars on dog behavior problems. Actually, there is no link that leads right to info about Pets in America, so I'm going to include key info from the website here:

Pets in America
September 13, 2008-February 1, 2009
Pets in America explores the bond between people and animals and the history of pet-keeping.
Stamford Museum & Nature Center Goes to the Dogs

The interaction between people and animals will be further explored through related programming. On Sept. 21, the museum will present SM&NC Goes to the Dogs, a day-long festival celebrating dogs and the people and organizations that rescue them and train them for service. The event's main feature will be dog agility demonstrations led by Mary-Elizabeth Simpson... The Yankee Flyers canine Frisbee team will also perform. Dog service groups will share their goals and trained dogs with visitors. SM&NC Goes to the Dogs will be held from 11 am to 3 pm. Visitors may not bring their pet dogs.
Related programs:Have a problem with your dog? The SM&NC partners with Stamford Animal Care and Control to offer a monthly seminar series in conjunction with the Pets in America exhibition. All programs will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the SM&NC: Sept. 16: "Dog Behavior 101: Why does my dog...?" Oct. 21: "Successfully Adopting a Shelter Dog," Nov.18: "Introduction to Canine Nutrition," Dec. 16: "Dogs and Kids: Building Blocks for a Solid Friendship," and Jan. 20: "Is Your Christmas Puppy Leaving You Presents?".
--In another two-part lecture series, naturalist Chris Evers from Animal Embassy will explore whether exotic animals make good pets. These programs, which will feature live animals, will be held on Fridays, Oct. 10, and Nov. 7, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., at SM&NC.
--On Nov. 14, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm singer Lizzie Swan will host a pet-themed children's pajama party and sing-along.


meg said...

I agree the SM&NC is awesome. Mia and I have spent many a Wednesday there this summer just strolling around. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

The Stamford Museum is awesome! I've been going there for about 30 years. They also have an observatory and planetarium which are very worth checking out.

Spike and Roxy said...

President FDR wore a dog collar? Wait, what kind of exhibit is this?

patty said...

scott frosch, come on. You know how domineering Eleanor was.

Unknown said...

We love this place so much that we go almost weekly, even sometimes just to sit by the pond and have a little picnic. Go around feeding time...the animals are all LOUD and awake waiting right at the fences for their food. My kid loves hearing cows MOO! And, that giant pig that resides in the little hut--well, he actually waddles up and out for a bite to eat. Let's not forget to mention the rustic playground--it's a bit of a challenge for my 2 year old, but I love it because it is built in the shade! And, finally, for parents with stroller and people in wheelchairs, there is an amazing "boardwalk" in the woods--peaceful, quiet, nice.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I LOVE your donkey picture!!! They should have post cards made of it at the SM&NC saying, "Don't be a jackass! Come visit the Stamford Museum!" :)