Saturday, March 14, 2009

The New Rye Grill and Bar: All the Single Ladies

I quote Beyonce because when we swung by the remodeled Rye Grill and Bar last night, it looked like a frat party. Well, the bar area did; the grill part was full of the usual crowd of groups and couples of all ages. There was a mob of people at the bar, and I glimpsed some nice-looking men in-- of course-- blue button downs and ladies who were dressed to the nines. If there is a bar more geared toward the youngish single commuter, I'd like you to tell me what it is... so I can send all my single friends there.

We didn't stay long at RGB because at 645 there was a 45 minute wait for dinner. I almost cried. I was really looking forward to eating at the remodeled resto after its having been closed for quite a few months. The new building is at least twice the size; it's got two floors and a gigantic veranda/porch with columns, which only adds to the frat house-like feel. I assume the resto still has its same excellent food, which ranges from pub options to fancy entrees.

Instead, we had pretty good Chinese food at Water Moon, which is down the street. I was OK with that. That resto got totally full by 8 pm. Those Rye-ers like to eat out on Fridays.
Finally, we came back to Stamford and ate Cold Stone Creamery while having a heated argument over a semantic issue that is way too absurd to even say out loud. I love going insane over word choice, and my husband is pretty good at indulging me. It's one of the many, many reasons he's a great husband and fun person to hang out with.

Photo above courtesy of, which looks like a pretty good gossipy local blog.

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Streets of Stamford said...

OK, so it's not just me who's noticed the button-down blue mobs in this area! I was at a red light at the corner of Washington Blvd. and Main Street when I saw a bunch of them swarm into Tiernan's.