Friday, September 25, 2009


That was the stern- and ironic!- message written on a cardboard box that my husband put out with the trash this week.

Husband: The guys didn't take that cardboard box.
Me, in "duh" voice: They don't TAKE cardboard, you have to tie it up with string for recycling.
Husband: Of course, it also probably didn't help that you'd written "Do not throw away" on the box.

At this point, I collapsed in laughter. I forgot that I'd written "Do not throw me away!" on that box to remind myself that it contained a cool, yet very lightweight, serving platter.

I wonder what the trash guys thought when they read the box. The really embarrassing part of the story is that another side of the box said, "Use me for a par-tay."

I obviously was NOT going to put the box outside like that. I was going to bundle it up with the other 1,000 boxes in our basement. My husband finds it hard to believe that they won't just take our boxes, so sometimes he brazenly leaves them out with the Toter trash bin.
I laugh whenever I think about the ridiculous message(s) on the box.


Streets of Stamford said...

I think you should turn it around and leave it outside to see what the garbagemen will do...

patty said...

Have AH&UC swing by and bring you up to speed on the new recycling approach. Toss it all in the new recycling Toter, yo. Single stream rocks.

262mom said...

that's hilarious about the par-tay!

Anonymous said...

more cardboard box stories! puullleaze!!

Unknown said...

those new recyle cans are at least 3 or 4 weeks away from a call. they did not anticipate demand and have run out!, very sadly! I have been waiting 6 weeks!

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

"Do not throw me away!"
"Use me for a par-tay."

Sounds like the tag line for a movie about a girl with issues.

Anonymous said...

I just cracked up when I read this.