Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu Shot Has Flown the Coop, but Obama Will Be Landing in Stamford

I'm hating myself because Stamford Hospital ran out of regular flu vaccine before I could get my act together and get the shot.
However, if I get a glimpse of President Obama's helicopter tomorrow, I will feel better. I know he's arriving at the Hilton for a fundraiser, but does anyone know what time?
(And uh isn't this going to cause some traffic problems especially because the Hilton is right by 95? Mental note do NOT go near train station Friday night!)
Edit, Fri AM: Offfff course when I checked my google reader at 3 am, there are three articles in the Advocate about this! A Stamford Times article says the fundraising dinner starts at 5, and that before Obama goes there, he is making a stop at a local business. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT BUSINESS IS, PEOPLE. The baby and I really want to catch a glimpse of the O.

An Advocate article says, in what I can only assume is a joke, "Though President Obama's motorcade is expected to arrive at the Stamford Hilton during Friday evening rush hour, police do not expect significant traffic issues." That must be an attempt to be funny. Anyone who's spent any time on 95 knows that a spare tire on the side of the road can cause significant issues, much less Marine One swooping by.

If I didn't have this baby, and if the weather were going to be nice, I might go hang out near the train station. But it's cloudy and cool, and I'm not really sure if it's responsible mothering to drag your baby to the Stamford train station and hang out there for an hour or two just to see a helicopter. But if I could get a hint of what that local business is....


Poems in Search of Pictures said...

My money's on Curley's

Stamford Talk said...

OK I am thinking the business is in the South End, because I think that's where the copters were landing.

After Words said...

There are seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines at the Darien Y tomorrow from 8-12. You don't have to be a member.

anne said...

There's going to be a rally gathering at First Stamford Place starting at 3. I got an email about this from local organizers. I think they're expecting Dodd and Obama to roll in around 4 (?). My suggestion is to park at the Glenbrook or Springdale RR stations and take the train over to Stamford, then walk the block over to First Stamford Place. (Might be dicey with a stroller? But in case any other readers are interested...)