Monday, April 19, 2010

Bull's Head's Got Ya Covered

First of all, why is it called Bull's Head? No time to research now if I hope to actually post something... I was home with sick baby today so feel justified in ignoring him for a few minutes to blog!

Recently we are loving Bull's Head for the food options. Last week I got Tabouli Grill for lunch two days in a row. Their Greek salad is so fantastic, huge and healthy, and I love the addition of the sweet (but spicy?) peppers. (I'm from rural Virginia, I don't know what those peppers are called.)

We also like Coalhouse Pizza, because although I am not SUPER in love with the pizza, there is a great selection of unusual pizzas and I like their salads a lot. And hey, any pizza is pizza, afterall, so I'm not even sure why I'm complaining. I think because the crispy crust is a little hard to share with the baby, maybe. Although he's crazy for the meatballs on the meatball pizza!

I now love Hawley-Lane shoes not just for my comfortable old lady shoes, but for a good selection of kids' shoes.

I'm about to visit Zen Spa and Nails, because my other nail place doesn't have the made-famous-by-Rihanna yellow that I need. It's not florescent, it's straight up yellow.

And I am a huge fan of the newsstand/convenience store, because the people who run it are always nice to me, unlike the one of Bedford St.

And Kaleidoscope Kids has those adorable Angel Dear blankie friends that are so soft and lovable- great baby shower gift.

And Sal's Pastries if you need something sweet!

OK, off to enjoy our Coalhouse Pizza takeout, since I'm still not sure baby is feeling awesome enough to hold it together in a restaurant, although in general he's a fantastic dining companion.


stamfordnotes said...

A vote for the Bull's Head Dry Cleaner too - they do a solid job with a smile and a sweater bag that says something like "soft and cuddly as a kitten."

Anonymous said...

If you were a bird you could see a bulls head formed where Cold Spring crosses High and Long Ridge.

Cold Spring is the top of the head and where the two Ridges meet a block South is the chin. That triangle becomes the face.

The horns are formed by High and Long Ridge spreading apart to the North around Lord and Taylor.

I agree with you about Coalhouse. It's been overpraised. I find the toppings skimpy.

Lou G.

Anonymous said...

I recently got my hair cut at Salon Wayne and had a great experience. They have a few people that are specially trained to cut curly hair. So now I can avoid the stylists at Greg & Tony in Westport who always give me the hard sell for all kinds of expensive extras. The people I dealt with at Salon Wayne were really friendly and unpretentious too.

Unknown said...

It is rumored that this was where the Bulls headed when they got loose from there farms (remember up until just 50 years ago, Stamford was agricultural and farming mostly! and Long ridge road was a 2 laner and some remember it being a dirt road) Times change

Chris Preovolos said...

I'm updating the site and I see we have a review of Coal House too. I just want to know if I am losing my mind or what.

There is just no way I can give that place a recommendation. I initially gave them a pass, but it just isn't very good.

Then again, I'm the kind of guy who will drive to New Haven for a pie at the drop of a hat.


Stamford Talk said...

Wow thanks for all the info you guys!
I'll def. check out that cleaner... but do they have dropoff service- where you just drop off a labeled bag- like the one on Summer across from Ridgeway?
The toppings ARE skimpy, but for some reason they were NOT as skimpy on my "Kicker" pizza. That sucker was spicy and totally awesome and I appreciate that.
I mean, it's no Colony, but when you have a pizza craving on a weeknight and also want a delicious salad (not that crappy standard salads from most pizza joints), Coalhouse fits the bill!

Anonymous said...

Coalhouse is good. I think you will enjoy your pizza more if you eat in because it is so wispy thin, it will be cold and damp if you try to take it home.

Still, Remos's has better pizza. And Remo's best food is actually their Italian dishes. I can't tell you how consistently excellent their food is. And it is always a modest price/quality.