Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah Littman, Local Writer, on GMA- and Link to a Cute Animated Short

I just have to share Sarah Littman's blog post about her appearance on Good Morning America. Sara is a local writer and blogger. She and her son were on GMA because their Story Corps (that booth, you know, where you go in and interview someone you know?) interview was chosen out of tens of thousands to be a) included in a book about Moms and b) animated as part of a series of shorts to be shown on the PBS show POV.

Sarah's Story Corps interview is great because her motherly love, and the directness of her endearing son, are things we rarely have time to see in the busy-ness of everyday life.

Her blog post contains the GMA clip (after an annoying ad, sorry) and the inside scoop on appearing on the show. Or, just watch the GMA clip below. The clip features Sarah and her son Josh, shows part of their animated short, and also has the guy who runs Story Corps talking about the project.

If you want to see Sarah and Josh's entire 3.5 minute animated short, go to the Story Corps page. (Oh geez I just watched the whole short- totally worth the 3.5 minutes! I laughed out loud at the Claudia part.)

Sorry the grammar in this post- or is it the syntax?- is a bit off, but I don't really have the time or inclination to worry about it!