Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sports in Small Spaces

See this worn patch of grass in front of this apartment building?

It’s worn because the dudes who live there use it for sport.

The building is on the busy corner of Forest and Strawberry Hill, and the patch of grass is on Forest.

Once, I passed by and two of them had out a football. I wanted to take a photo but my husband for some reason wouldn’t let me.
He said that one time, he passed by and they were playing beer pong.
Beer pong, I can see, but I was curious what type of football they were going to be able to do in such a small area.

In any case, I think it’s great they are making the most of their outdoor space.
Be sure to be on the lookout for these guys, and let me know what sport you see them try next!
Bowling maybe? Bocce?


Anonymous said...

Hate to be a downer, but I live across the street and I have seen these guys (I dont know them) heckle a lady walking down the street and then when she didnt respond throw a full solo cup of beer at her. I chewed them out and told them if I ever saw anything like it again, I was calling the cops. Hopefully, it was just a poor moment of drunken by a very drunk kid.

Stamford Talk said...

Thanks for the info, anony!
I def WON'T take these guys pic lest I get pelted with some of their sports gear!