Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coalhouse Rocking the Pumpkin Beer

We had a fabulous dinner at Coalhouse Pizza tonight. You may know that I am pretty obsessed with pumpkin-related food, so the fact that Coalhouse had a Pumpkin Ale by Southern Tier Brewing Co only augmented what would have been a very good meal any way. I got the mac and cheese with broccoli rabe and sausage (delish!). The husband got the BBQ Sandwich. He loved it. And when I say he's picky, I'm not exaggerating. I'll be getting that BBQ Sandwich next time.

The kid ate almost all of his meatballs. At 9.75, NOT a great kid's price, but it's Kobe beef and I suppose relatively healthy, so I'll pay ten bucks as opposed to 6 or 7 for something not fried. I asked for a half portion, and the waitress acted like I was speaking Martian, but, well, the kid did eat almost all of it so... touche, waitress, touche!

Coalhouse was full of people who were obviously enjoying their food (and beer and wine). The chopped salad (love it!) towered on the plates of the people at the next table. My toddler passed the time waiting for entrees by drawing with the crayons that Coalhouse provided (thank God). It was a nice easy evening.

Coalhouse doesn't deliver, but that's OK for us since we live pretty close. We do takeout a lot.

Incidentally, I drove almost the ENTIRE LENGTH of the Southern Tier (of New York) last weekend for a friend's wedding. That's route 17/86. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous drive, the most beautiful I've taken in a while, and that made the over 7 hour drive bearable! It's almost to Lake Erie. I'm still somewhat in shock that I drove there Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. Just one of the many reasons I'm finding it hard to keep up with blogging!

PS I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season at the Stamford Mall yesterday!


Streets of Stamford said...

PUMPKIN BEER?!? I want one.

Dr Horder said...

LOVE their mac and cheese. Bella does too. That is the one drawback with that place is no kids menu. Even if they don't make it a traditional kids menu, just, like you said, half portions. It is weird because I always see a ton of families there too. The waitresses will give you raw pizza dough for the kids to play with too which is nice.