Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last Meal at Bennett's

Wow, just read on Lunch Break Chronicles that Bennett's is closing. The husband and ate there a month ago during Bedford Arts and Crafts. My cosmo was AWESOME. One of our steaks was overdone and one was underdone, but after the cosmo, and because my parents and sister were babysittng the kid, I totally didn't care. My husband and I traded and I ate the overdone one (with delicious sauce). The appetizer and dessert were good.

Anyway, bye, Bennett's, place where the Dalai Lama once ate!


Unknown said...

I always think it is sad when and older established place closes Some i did not care for, but Bennet's I thought was a landmark.
I know that they were victims of a desire to move and not being allowed by state authorities to do what they wanted.
Sad to see them go.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but we had just the opposite experience when we last ate there over the summer. Started the meal not having them carry Myers rum or any dark rum. I asked for rice instead of potato, and carrots instead of broccoli rabe. Waiter said only one substitution so I chose the rice. Wellll my small salmon came with only rice as a of the mill, give away free chinese style white rice! Others dinners were overcooked. Pasta was $21 bucks for a small bowl. The best part of the meal is when we paid and went off to Dairy Queen for dessert.

Stamford Talk said...

I'd say your experience was actually similar to mine- our food was also not properly cooked!
Dairy Queen does solve most problems, though. Love that place.

kristine gigliotti said...

Napa & CO. is taking the space over and opening an Italian eatery in December. CAn't wait!!!!