Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Don't Want to Hate Norwalk

... but they are making it so hard.

A parking ticket that I got on Saturday November 20 for $25, that I forgot to pay until today- just a month later- is up to $100. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! HOW IS THAT LEGAL???

Me to husband: "I'm never going to Norwalk again."
Husband: "Remember that when we find our cheaper place there."

We had gone to the Norwalk Aquarium, then had dinner. I guess I didn't read the street signs carefully enough and didn't realize I had to pay the meters. What an amateur move. I am kicking myself for that.

I'm trying to shake this off and take it as another reminder to keep better organized, but it's hard to give up that money without feeling bitter.

Other reasons I hate Norwalk:

The year I lived there, the commute home from Stamford/Greenwich was a nightmare. I'd sometimes leave at 3:15 and it would still take 45 minutes. I only managed to stay sane by listening to podcast after podcast. That was a long year. We got out of Norwalk as soon as possible.

Actually, the commute is the only other reason I hate Norwalk, besides the extortion-like parking ticket policies, but those are two pretty big reasons.

Norwalk, you have so much potential, but you make me so angry sometimes.


Jacquie | After Words said...

We always just park in a lot in Norwalk--either the garage next to the aquarium, at the end of Washington Street, or the municipal lot behind Washington--no fuss, no muss.

Don't get me started on the parking in Stamford....something about the 50 cent minimum at Town Center sends me around the bend!

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

I dunno...if I have to pay for parking, I think 50 cents for 3 hours is just about as good as it gets. Besides, half the time the spot has 2 hours left on it from the last car. If 50 cent parking is my biggest problem, I'm doing ok.

Anonymous said...

What we hate about Norwalk are those annoying parking lots that have sprung up that charge you $8 to park, no matter how long you're there. URRRGGGG.