Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beach Weather!

Well, not really. But this warm weather has been a blessing. Yesterday we walked with friends at Tod's Point in Old Greenwich in the morning, and Cove Island in Stamford in the afternoon. Cove is superior for older kids because of the playground. My almost 3 year old often wants to walk, but for me to get any proper exercise, he's gotta be trapped in a stroller.
"I wanna get- OUT!"
"Just one more lap, sweetie, then we'll go to the PLAYGROUND! Do you want some Goldfish?"

(Check out my hot new ride- the BOB Duallie double jogging stroller! This better be my ticket to dropping 10 or 15 pounds. I'll settle for 5 at the rate things are going!)

Tod's Point is superior for adults who don't need a playground (that's the one thing Tod's is missing). I felt like I was in Nantucket with the beautiful vistas of the sound along long stretches of beach. There was even some postcard-looking driftwood yesterday, for goodness' sake. There is a bigger walking loop than Cove; part of it's wooded, and part is on the water, and I like that variety. March 31 is the last day for non-Greenwich residents to enjoy Tod's Point, so don't delay.
Both locations were remarkably cold because of the breeze off the water, so BRING LAYERS! SEVERAL!

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