Friday, June 1, 2012

Birth Talk! Midwives, VBACs, Nancy Wainer in CT/NY

I went to a very enjoyable event last night: the opening of my birth educator's new studio! I have raved before about Cynthia Overgard's Hypnobirthing of CT- both she and her birth class are an invaluable source of information, inspiration and support.  Cynthia's new studio in Westport is spacious (and gorgeous) so she can more easily accomodate classes and events... AND it's across from the Whole Foods.  Does it get any better than that?

The keynote speaker at the event was Nancy Wainer, the midwife and author who coined the term "VBAC" and works passionately to prevent unnecessary c-sections.  Nancy had many kind words to say about Cynthia and her work with mothers who want to have the most peaceful births possible.  It was such a pleasure to hear an experienced midwife speak about the many misconceptions about birth, such as women being (disturbingly commonly) told that their pelvis is too narrow for their baby.  (Hello, the pelvis expands in labor! And the baby's head smushes because the skull bones aren't fused yet. What's more likely to slow labor is your baby being in the wrong position so their head can't smush and descend as effectively- a midwife can tell you simple things you can do to get your baby in the best position before labor starts.)  Can you tell I'm a fan of midwives?
Nancy Wainer is also speaking tonight at ICAN of Westchester.  ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) is dedicated to improving maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary c-sections, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting VBACS.

The ICAN event is being held at the Eileen Fisher Offices in Irvington NY from 6-9:30.  I WISH I could attend this but my baby cries in the car after 6pm and that's just too long of a drive for me to hear my baby cry.  (I always think, she got a good nap, maybe she won't cry on the way home from this party/event... nope, screaming, hyperventilating, choking, sobbing.  Pathetic.)  If you are interested in birth and many of the current issues surrounding it, I can highly recommend this ICAN event.  Nancy is a very engaging speaker and I'm bummed I can't go hear her.  
Friday June 1, 6-9:30
$20 per person
Light refreshments
Eileen Fisher Offices, 2 Bridge Street, Irvington NY 10533
RSVP to to reserve your space
pre-crawling babies welcome

I had midwife care for my second pregnancy and birth and let me just say, it was worth the 45 minutes I had to drive (across the Tappan Zee) to every appointment.  There is also an excellent CPM, Joni Stone, in New Haven if you want to save yourself the bridge toll.

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