Friday, July 13, 2012

Stamford Downtown Horse Tour 2012

My friends and I spent two hours walking around the concrete and asphalt streets of Stamford yesterday... why?  To see the horse statues, of course!  A friend planned out a four-part tour for us, and yesterday we completed leg three. I blogged about it more extensively at my more parenting-focused (but still locally-slanted) blog, FC Mom, if you want to take a peek!  

The moms and babes of Horse Tour 2012, Leg Three
Thank you SDSSD (I'm so proud of myself for finally learning the acronym for Stamford Downtown Special Services District) for creating such a wonderful Art in Public Places 2012!  This webpage has links so you can print a guidebook and map, and Horsin' Around Stamford Downtown facebook page has pictures of all the horses with their names.  Beautiful!  

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