Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Drivers: Don't Get Personalized Plates

Um, bright blue BMW M5 with the license plate YRU MAD?
We R mad bcuz u r driving like n a hole.

I don't like ppl who whip by me at 80 mph on the Merritt, on a curve, at night. The 8 of us who u passed really didn't understand why u had to roar by, only to have to slow down right in front of us bcuz the car in front of us wuz going 60. So u were driving with all of the ppl u passed. What wuz the point.

I was just informed that your car cost 80,000 dollars. Good 4 freakin' u. Y don't u take ur car up 2 lime roc and drive on the race track.

Geez Louise. I wrote this post on the 25th, right after we got home from Christmas Part 2. I didn't post it because I had to pack for my trip. I woke up at 4 am on the 26th, flew to MS, then spent the evening wrapping presents for Christmas Part 3. We're taking a break from CP 3 right now, so I can finally get this post up. I anticipate getting back into my routine of google reader and blogging today!

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Anonymous said...

You tell em girl!