Thursday, December 6, 2007

Target Under Attack by Trump Parc?

Today's Advocate article "Target closes after heating breaks down" first seemed unimportant. Why is a heating snafu a big deal? Then I read that the Trump Parc (ah, is that supposed to be French?) construction crew caused it! Does this remind anyone of RBS's dangling crane that caused the evacuation of the surrounding neighborhood? I happened to snap a pic of the TP construction site last week (drive-by paparazzi). I believe the yellow structure in this pic is a crane. In light of yesterday's TP mistake, I'm feeling a little nervous about the proximity of UConn's enormous glass front. Correction: the Dec. 7 Advocate reports that Target neglected the gas line that caused the heating breakdown, but I still feel nervous about that crane. (Click on the image to enlarge if you wish.)

Obviously, corporations who build in Stamford need to be a little more careful. Maybe the headline should read "Trump Parc builders wreak havoc on innocent Target." (Whoa- a pun! I've always hated puns. This is the first one I've ever made.)

And why are Target employees working overnight to raise the temperature of the building? That hardly seems right. The last line of the article reads, "Trump Parc representatives could not be reached last night." Where were they? Not helping out Target! Come on Trump Parc, step up to the plate. This is NOT how we do things in Stamford! Repeat correction: This does not seem to have been TP's fault, and if you read the Advocate article, you can tell that the company building Trump Parc is not happy with Target.

I feel like writing a letter to the editor. I don't think the Advocate will publish it, because I just had one in last week, but maybe it will give them a heads up that this news is part of a larger issue! That reminds me, I haven't checked out the letters to the ed site this week! It's juicy stuff; I'm going to go look at it right now.

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Anonymous said...

The Target employees worked just alittle too hard on heating up that building! I went in early this afternoon and it was like a sauna.... so hot I could barely shop! And that says alot because I CAN SHOP!