Thursday, December 6, 2007

Revisiting Stamford's New Garbage Cans

I've gotta admit, these new trash cans make my sanitation men's life way easier. They're so fast that it's hard to get a picture of them when I'm spying. I keep seeing bumper stickers that say something like, "They raised my taxes and all I got was this stupid trash can," but it's much physically safer for the workers.
Thank God they didn't put Stamford's name on that bumper sticker. I saw it yesterday in Greenwich, and I'd be MORTIFIED if Stamford's name was dragged through the mud for all of Fairfield County to see! I've seen other versions of the bumper sticker, making me wonder who made them, and making me think, maybe you can make your own bumper sticker, and what would I put on a bumper sticker of my own?

The angry letters to the editor about the unweildy-ness of the cans have died down, but I do want to say, my driveway slopes up, and the trash can, when heavy, can be a bitch to handle with one hand. However, it's a good calf workout if I walk backwards. And, I don't have to feel guilty for all the weird stuff I put in my trash can. They do glance in before they hook it up to the truck, but don't seem concerned if you have something unorthodox in there... like another trash can.

So Stamford, take off your bumper stickers! (Say in Reagan-esque, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" voice.)

Oh man, I just put an old rug in my garbage can before I dragged it out to the curb. It froze outside over night, so it's stiff and unrug-like. I tried to hide it under a trash bag to no avail. Still, I predict it will pass inspection.

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