Friday, December 28, 2007

Celebrities in Stamford, for Real: 2007

I love the Advocate's "The Dish" with Susie Costaregni. I LOVE seeing which celebrities (John Travolta and Robin Williams) dined at Terra Ristorante in Greenwich or Bennett's Steak and Fish House in Stamford (Rudy Giuliani). This week's Dish has an extensive list of 2007 celebrity sightings.

My favorite sighting listed? Spike Lee at Lucky's Classic Burger and Malt Shop in Stamford.

The oddest? The DALAI LAMA eating at Bennett's... with a party of 25. Read this article with hilarious quotes from Stamford residents about the visit.

The Dish is only published every few weeks, and is usually 1/10 the size of this recent article, but it's worth every second! But listen, if YOU see a celebrity, email ME at stamfortalk[at]gmail[dot]com.


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