Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paper Mache Bear Ejected from 888 Wash!

I'm going to post later today about a new Stamford restaurant, but first I must share (what I think is) a really funny article from the Stamford Times. I think when I tell you the title of the article, you'll see what I mean:

"A Bear Scare: Bear exhibit pulled from City Hall"

A bear exhibit at 888 Wash?
Alongside the DMV?
Recycling Bins?
The Senior Center?
The Town Clerk?
And... bears?

Evidently local students made a statue of a giant bear that was part of their exhibit about a book. The problem was not so much the bear, but that the bear was... standing over a person, menacing him. Yeah. In the book, a bully accepts the Native American-inspired challenge of surviving in the wilderness for a year rather than go to jail. He foolishly tries to kill a legendary bear, and probably learns a big important life lesson, besides getting all scratched up. The exhibit also included a synopsis of the book, reflections, and some totem poles.

I’m glad the bully got his due, but I see why City Hall took down the bear statue. Parents said it was scaring their kids. (Although, have you ever seen a kid at 888 Wash? I haven't.) I said the bear was giant, but considering the skill of an average middle-schooler, I assume it was 4-ish feet tall.

The art teacher at Cloonan Middle School expressed outrage, but I'll add a "DUH" to Mayor Malloy's very sensible comment: "No one is seeking to take a bite out of art, but this is not an art museum, this is a public space, and it was scaring children."

I'm all in favor of kids' work being displayed in real life; that's motivation, that's cool! The statue looks really well-made, and the bear confrontation sounds like the crucial part of the book. However, kids need to also get a clue and think about how other people might view things. I feel bad for the kids, but that's real life, and life is about dealing with other people. I know that bear would have scared the CRAP out of my 4-year-old nephew. So, bye-bye, bear.

I love the Times because they write about topics the Advocate doesn't! Nothing personal, Advocate; I gave you props yesterday on your train station/racial profiling article. I love both of you equally, just in different ways.

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