Friday, December 7, 2007

Stamford's 3rd Murder: Sad and Creepy

First murder: young man in Cove. Second murder: young woman killed by ex-boyfriend at the Sheraton. Third and I hope final: Young man shot in his car.
According to the Advocate, the Dec. 5 murder occurred on Myano Lane on the West Side of Stamford. That's off Havemeyer Road, which divides Stamford and Greenwich just above Rt. 1. That's right by my NYSC. The shot was fired at 10pm, no one reported it, and no one found his body until 6 am.
Except… I read today's Advocate that a friend called the victim's family at midnight and said he may have been shot. The family called the police and the hospital, but at that point, no one had found the body. Police are now interviewing the caller. I find that mysterious phone call very disturbing.

The little neighborhood where the murder took place is beside the Stop and Shop. SEE MAP. One time, after I went to SandS, I cut over on Catoona to Havemeyer. Wow, I thought, what a dumpy little street! That was a year ago, and that was just my impression, but I never took that shortcut again. Myano is off Catoona. And that's where that poor guy was shot!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Stamford, what? What?

I’m kind of tracking Stamford crime (not professionally), so I can tell you that the most recent almost-murder happened over on Stillwater, late November, not too far from Myano. A high school student was shot twice, but survived. Stillwater would be just off the right quadrant off the map I drew. (Just googlemap it if you have any questions. It was near Pellici’s, 97 Stillwater Ave., where I had dinner last week.) Oooh I just googled it, and guess what, Myano connects to Connecticut which connects with Stillwater…

To wrap this up: Crime. Police officers are busy. I went to Pellici’s just a few days after they found the high school kid shot on the same street. Approaching the restaurant, there were 3 or 4 police cars blocking our way, and I saw a cop talking to several Hispanic men gathered in a driveway. They were illuminated by the car’s lights. It looked like they were just hanging out, drinking some beers, and the cops either had questions or were investigating something. I was struck by the fact that everyone was calm. Cops: calm. Men: calm, waiting for the cop to come back from his car. The cops appeared respectful, and so did the men.

I saw that and thought, You go, Stamford Police. You’re looking into an incident near where a recent assault took place, everyone is calm, you’re not being racist or rude, and it seems to be going smoothly. You don’t care if you are blocking the road, you’re just doing your job, and I appreciate it.

I wrote in my police survey that what I liked best about Stamford police was their presence. I see them all the time: talking to someone, pulling someone over, walking around an area where I’m glad to see them. This is a CITY, and all types of people live side by side, and having cops around makes everyone feel safe. We all like having someone in charge, some one who can resolve our disputes. I think the Stamford Police are doing a good job.

Note: I did not draw this map to be funny. I thought it would be the easiest way to show you where Myano is. The map is not drawn to scale. Myano is actually a curvy road, and shoots off to the right of Catoona. I just want to give you a general picture.


mistersquid said...

Try this.

I'm sorry to hear about the young man's death. RIP.

Christina Martinez said...

The young man who was shot in his car on Myano Lane was is my best friend. And yes it is very sad. He was not involved with any of these so-called wannabe gangs, or into drugs. He was a hardworking young man who held down two jobs. He would do anything for you, give you the shirt off his back if he had to. May you rest in peace Gregory Rowell. I love you. Thank you to the person who informed the community a little more with this blog.

Stamford Talk said...

Christina, I am so sorry for your loss. I saw a picture of Gregory in the paper and he had such a kind face. My thoughts go out to you, Gregory's family, and all of his friends.