Friday, December 21, 2007

Stamford's Board of Reps Sounds Cuckoo

What a nice letter to the editor! A woman whose car broke down was surprised that so many people tried to help her start her car or just kept her company while she waited for the tow truck. I'll include part of her letter below, but feel free to visit the actual webpage and scroll down forever to find it. You'll also see at least 4 letters from people disgusted that our Board of Representatives spent 5,000 $ to have a consultant come in to teach them how to get along.

Evidently some of them were behaving like total you-know-whats, and this consultant was going to "discretely" meet with the misbehavers. That's bizarre. Isn't there a chief rep to keep the board under control? If our Board members are paid, I'm mad they can't do their job. If they're volunteer, well, I understand why they might be inept. I know we elect them, but I'm not sure if we pay them.

Update: In an Advocate letter to the editor, Stamford Rep Scott Mirkin writes that the board PRESIDENT booked the consultant, and that if the board had voted, he was sure the board would have said a big NO. In other words, blame the leader. I'm ok with that.

I wish I knew someone who could tell me funny stories about the board being mean to each other. My email address is in the right-hand column of this webpage.

Here's the letter from the woman whose car broke down:

Last week, my car broke down in one of Stamford's grocery store parking lots. While I waited for AAA to arrive and provide assistance, I had an amazing experience. I was very surprised and touched by the repeated outreach of people who stopped to see if they could help me.

Even at this very busy time of year, nearly everyone who passed my vehicle tried to lend a hand to get it working again. Some folks just stopped to keep me company or express empathy during the wait. The experience further substantiated the conviction that I've always held, which is that people are good and helpful. I have great faith in humanity, and really believe it's important to do a good deed every day even if it's a small gesture.

Well, I guess it was my turn for payback. Who would have thought that my car breaking down would actually make my day? So just a simple thank you, Stamford, for being the great community that I always knew you were!

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