Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughts on Church Music: I Like It

I don't mean to be profane, but are this Advocate article's headline and lead not terribly funny?

Campaign for Catholic confessions kicks off
from Stamf Local News by By Devon Lash
STAMFORD -- Now that the Lenten season has begun, the Diocese of Bridgeport is trying to make it more convenient for Catholics to confess their sins.

Actually, I think the title is funny. The lead is just sort of... sensible.

I have never enjoyed confessing my sins, but if some people find that part of Catholicism important, I do think it should be easy to do so. Sitting in church and listening to music is the easy part; why make the stressful part harder?

Incidentally, I love church music. I stole a hymnal a few years back, and when I had more free time, I'd play the harmony on my keyboard and sing along with the melody.

Now that I think about it, I think I took the hymnal from someone else who stole it. But that person is really religious, so I feel OK about the situation.


Whitemist said...

Okay, you stole a Hymnal? Got to go to confession for that one!
Say 3 hail Marys and an Our Father! :)

patty said...

I'm with Whitemist. From what I remember of my Catholic upbringing, confessions on blogs don't count.

Of course, I've been non-practicing for well over 20 years, so perhaps a few things have changed and I'm just not aware :)

ledz said...

im not really a religious person but i like some of the church songs...:)
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