Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wolves- I Mean, Coyotes!

The Stamford Coyote strikes again. (My husband says there is only one coyote in Stamford, and he thinks it's the same coyote as the one I saw trotting down a sidewalk in Greenwich a few years ago. He's from Long Island, so his knowledge of nature is stunted.) The Advocate reports that a coyote is believed to have carried away and injured a Lhasa Apso whose owner let it out into the yard at 5 am.

Well, she's gonna get a big Stamford Talk duh on that. Why is she leaving a little dog out in the dark? OK, OK, that's judgmental, but North Stamford-ites should know coyotes roam the woods and not leave tiny dogs outdoors and out of sight. That dog owner needs to start reading this blog so she knows about dangers in Stamford. We were gossiping about coyotes on Stamford Talk in January!

The Advocate article stresses that it is not necessarily a coyote; it could have been a large dog in the area. I'm curious why the coyote didn't eat the dog. Is it some sort of rogue coyote, or a deranged chocolate lab? The Advocate must be a dog-friendly paper, because they sure are giving this story some print.

I actually wrote and discarded this post last week, but today's Advocate had a new article updating us on the health of the dog (he's on the mend), which reminded me that I wanted to chastise the dog owner... and have an excuse to talk about wolves- I mean, coyotes.

The title of this post is a reference to the fact that in my mind, coyotes and wolves are the same thing. Last night I told my mother-in-law that not only did Stamford have a lot of deer, but we have wolves, too. "Wolves!?" she yelped. I chalked up her surprise to her growing up in Queens. Then I realized that "wolf" sounded too tough, and that what I really meant was a wily, skinny, mangy coyote: "Yeah!!-- I mean, a coyote."

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Margaret said...

FYI- The Wolf Conservation Center (in South Salem, NY) is offering an education program about coyotes this June. A scientist who has been tracking and studing this suburban predator all over the northeast will presen--and people will have a chance to visit the WCC's wolves too. To learn more you can visit and register at

Stamford Talk said...

Just checked out the website- very interesting. I don't understand though, why a wolf center in New York is doing coyote education... is it because people (like me) often confuse them? I looked at, and a chart showed that wolves only live in Wyoming, Minnesota, Montana and into Canada, so we would never see a wolf out here, right?

Margaret said...

The WCC is hosting the Coyote expert to help people further understand this diminutive cousin of the wolf that's now living in our community. We don't have wolves here in New England, they have been gone for over 100 years. Wolves are currently living in MT, WY, ID, MN, WI, MI, NM, AZ and NC. The northeast could host wolves in the future in the Adirondacks, ME, VT etc... but our area is far too populated to support the elusive creature.