Monday, November 5, 2007

Capriccio: Changing Seasons

Even as the weather gets cooler and the outdoor seating at Capriccio's goes away, they still have quite a bit of seating indoors. Go there for light but tasty Italian food. Tigin is cozier, but I think Capriccio's food is more fun and more healthy. I do wonder if there's some competition between the two neighbors on Bedford. I look over at Tigin, and the Irish-ish crowd looks different from the Euro-ish crowd at Capriccio. Light Italian food is very different from heavy Irish food, and so are the portions; normal bordering on small at Capriccio's, and a heaping plate at Tigin. I'll be eating at Capriccio and then heading over to Tigin for drinks, and keeping my fingers crossed that they'll have an Irish band on a Friday! Merci a Yoann LeGoff for just one photo from his many clever flickr sets. This is from a set called "Drinks," and here's another shot that I like.

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Anonymous said...

Being Italian and all, Capriccio is one of my favorites. We will all miss the outdoor seating. No doubt will be fighting each other for an indoor table sometime soon.