Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wild Turkeys: New Residents of the FC

I’ve been told I should write about more controversial topics, but all I can say is, Have you seen those wild turkeys?

Most people I ask this question say, "Wild turkeys? I didn't know there were wild turkeys." Or they say, "No.” I believe that answer, because these “birds” are pretty hard to miss.

Here’s the answer I find hard to accept: “I thought they were just turkeys.” Ah, just turkeys? Those dinosaur-looking things that are as tall as me? If you can't recognize them as not regular turkeys, you have a big problem.

Take a peek at this funny and very informative National Geographic article about wild turkeys. Finally, someone else is talking about those turkeys! However, I’ll say that the turkeys in the picture are much shorter and more attractive than the wild turkeys I’ve seen. It makes me wonder if I saw big vultures. Anything is possible in this crazy world.

I've only seen these turkeys in Greenwich, right on the Stamford border. They don’t seem scared by my car; they strolled nonchalantly around someone’s yard both times I drove by. That was near the patch of forest near the Westy storage center off exit 6. On first glance, the turkeys are ugly and a little scary, but I think they are beautiful. I like how they walk around, head high, with an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. The NG article portrays them as nice but proud animals.

My husband said he saw them in North Stamford 5 years ago, and he said he saw them running-- on Thanksgiving. He’s very imaginative, so I’m tempted to not believe him, but he really likes animals, so I don’t think he’d lie about them.

Final note: This pretty turkey, although the website claims it's an Eastern Wild Turkey, looks nothing like the birds I've seen.


Jeff Herz said...

If you drive up by the reservoir on North Stamford Road or Lakeside Drive , you often see the wild turkeys.

I used to have them in my backyard when we put cracked corn out for the birds. They are pretty cool to watch.

Stamford Talk said...

It's pretty funny how I mostly notice them in the fall... or is that my imaginiation?