Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm so depressed that no movies are filming in CT. I'm almost tempted to go into NYC on a day off work and watch movies being filmed there. I miss stalking movie sets. Every day I check my On Location Vacations feed, and every day, there are no CT locations.

The daily lists look like this:
9.17.08 Filming Locations
--Private Practice is filming at 919 S Grand Ave in Los Angeles.
--Law and Order SVU is filming near Broadway and Reade (1 block N of Chambers St near City Hall).
-Lipstick Jungle is filming near West End Ave between 89 and 90th in NYC.

--Life on Mars is filming around Astoria Park, Queens. (Thanks Kat!) Signs were also spotted near 41st St (in Long Island City), between 34th and 35th Aves. (Thanks Noel!)
--Law and Order is filming at Tiemann Place and Riverside Drive in NYC.
--Fringe is filming at the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.

Last spring, there were Stamford locations! Why, why is that weird possible actors strike (or contract problem, whatever it is, spare me the details, just tell me where I can see movie stars in Stamford) stopping Stamford movies? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?

You can read all about my glamorous past of stalking Stamford sets here. Due to my extreme dedication, and totally blind luck, I got to see DeNiro work, and Jim from The Office strolled right by me. Now, after work, instead of trying to see these people, I just go to the gym. Bo-ring!

Honestly, I really don't have the time to stalk movie sets unless I neglect my husband and/or workout routine, but I like the possibility of at least going to a set. I also liked to see the little yellow signs posted around town that pointed to movie sets. It made me feel part of something really fun.

This pic to the right was the movie Farlanders, with the guy from the Office, and the picture at the top of the post pointed to the movie set of Everybody's Fine, with DeNiro and Barrymore, down in Shippan. I'm proud to say I stalked both of those sets.


JT said...

the strike has thrown everything off.

Anonymous said...

There will be a movie filming 9/21 between 4-6 pm at Greeniwch Train Station [Listen To Your Heart]

mare said...

I wasn't 100% sure when I saw paper signs go up on Spring St.saying no parking from 7-4 from 3/21-4/4 but when I noticed orange traffic cones along both sides of Summer Street from Hoyt to Second St. I began to wonder. Then I noticed two cars abreaset--one at the curb with an orange cone on top and the other just seeming to be chatting, both with NY tags, I suspect something is afoot.
Anyone know anything?