Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stamford's 2nd Murder of 2008

Aw man. I'm pretty bummed about Stamford's 2nd murder of the year. This guy was young, father of two, in college. Although he'd been arrested 5 times since 2003 (article did not say what for), his family said he avoided the drug dealers in the area and focused on his studies. His name was Jonathan Green.

Jonathan's body was found Wednesday morning in a backyard of a house on Garden St., near the Stamford train station. I've included a map below. Residents in the area heard gun shots at 2am, but no one found the victim until morning. The Advocate talks about how there is a lot of drug dealing in the area. No wonder I'm freaking nervous to park my car in the Stamford train station and come home late at night. Damn.

I was hoping we wouldn't have any more murders this year. The Jan. 3 murder of Marco Paoletta has yet to be solved, although police did release a surveillance image this summer of his suspected killer. I hope the police have better luck with this case.

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Anonymous said...

Possession Of Narcotics
Sentenced: 5 Years Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 5 Years

Failure To Appear 2nd Deg
$250.00 Fine

Larceny 6Th Deg
Sentenced: 3 Months Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 1 Year

53a-61 Assault 3rd Deg
Sentenced: 1 Year Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 3 Years

53a-32 Violation Of Probation

Amanda said...

I was looking out my window in my office yesterday and saw all these cute cadets lined up, and I thought awww they must be training. Wasn't till after lunch we found out WHY they were here.

Anonymous said...

Geeez. What kind of crime do you have to commit to actually go to jail?

Stamford Talk said...

I wonder where the first commenter got those facts- with all the false Sarah Palin banning books rumors flying around, I like to know my sources.

However, the criminal record appears correct- offers local news info that states, "He has a criminal record in Stamford with arrests for assault, larceny and possession of narcotics."
Still, that site does not quote its source either. I always feel better knowing info comes from a reputable source, especially when it's about something as serious as this.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the source is the CT State's Judicial website. Criminal convictions are public record, you can find dirt on anyone ever arrested (even speeding tickets) on that site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

That's on the street right NEXT to the "luxurious" Mill River Condos and the Adams Mill River which they sold from 300-500k. There is one for rent in there at STREET LEVEL for $2400ISH...riiight.

patty said...

Rough couple of news days in Stamford.

Amanda said...

Anon, it's definitely not by Mill's on the east side of Stamford Train station.