Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted! I’m Sick! I’m Taking a Trip!

On Voting: I hit the polls at 6:30am; it took about 45 minutes total. It was a smooth, satisfying experience at Rippowam Middle. My neighbors were very well-behaved in line, except for the guy behind me who was standing too close to my left elbow. Surprisingly, my wet, hacking cough didn't send him back a few inches.

Voting in G'wich: I was at a school in Greenwich for a work thing today, and the voting there scene was annoying. There were dozens of kids selling candies and cookies. That I can tolerate, because those little girls had the sense to stay out of my personal space. What I can’t tolerate:
-A guy right out front: “I’m so and so! Please vote for me!” I’m not even sure if he said please. I was clearly avoiding eye contact, so why did he talk to me?
-Boy scouts, blocking the sidewalk, rushing up to me with a book, a can, and an urgent plea for something or other. I was not feeling well at all, so I was not in the mood to be accosted by overeager children. I held up my hand (universal "back off" sign) and had to step off the sidewalk to get away from the kid.

On Being Sick: Yeah, it’s making me a little grumpy, because I have not felt well since Thursday. Congestion, feeling icky, now a nasty cough that’s ripping my throat up. I can’t sleep because I can barely swallow without coughing. My strep test was negative, and I don’t have a fever, so I guess this is just a virus to fight off.

My trip: I really need to be better by Saturday, because I’m hopping a plane to Mississippi to visit my nephews and niece- 5, 3, and 1. (Oh- and my sister and her husband will be there, too.) I connect through Memphis, TN on the way to Tupelo, MS, AKA Elvis’ birthplace.

They just redid the Tupelo Airport. It’s still small- one counter, one luggage carousel- but it’s beautiful. Until last year, the baggage claim was a tent outside the building, right by the runway. See pic to right. Actually, it was fun to walk off the plane and see your family standing right by the fence by the tent. I miss that, descending from the plane to a cheering crowd. Well, maybe the crowd didn't cheer.

I can’t wait to get away from the stressed-out, crowded FC for a few days.

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