Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Darien Whole Foods To-Be: Good Enough for Me

I am thrilled that there's going to be a Whole Foods in Darien. It is going to cause the worst traffic hell you've ever seen in your life, but I'll just go there at odd hours, you know, when I want to pretend I am an organized enough person to live an ascetic, clean, organic life. Yes, I go shopping at Whole Foods when I need to feel like I am a better person.

The new store will be beside the BMW dealer off exit 11, on the old HoJo's lot they're currently clearing. Yeah- that tiny access road! I know, I'm sure they'll fix access, but an incredibly popular store right on Rt 1 by 95... oh, it's gonna be bad. It couldn't be worse than Greenwich though, could it?

You may recall they proposed a Whole Foods right by the Stamford Lord and Taylor. I think this Darien spot is a much better location. We Stamfordites can reap the rewards but not deal with the extra traffic.

I do suppose we're missing out on some yuppie prestige... sigh.


irenesbooks said...

I'm thrilled too. This is the closest WF for me. I have to see though how it is set up. I like the meat and the fish counters in Greenwich much better than the ones in Westport, though overall I prefer the Westport store.

BTW, a friend of mine doesn't like to shop at WF: "It's all yuppies!"

Melina said...

thats OK, we'll have Fairway!
I love Whole Foods! But I only get bits and pieces of my meals there. The usually have one or two good meat sales, and the premade food is just excellent. My favorite is the soup and I adore the brussels sprouts and whipped turnip...go figure!
I brought an array of sides and gravy to my sister's for thanksgiving and it was fabulous. Since she is a pretty bad cook, it made the meal tolerable.
For Christmas Ive decided not to go to her house, and we will either eat at a restaurant (maybe Long Ridge Tavern...any suggestions?) or get the whole thing from Whole Foods...its only for 2-4 of us, so anything we do will be reasonable.

Im interested to see what the new restaurant is gonna be on Long Ridge Rd where Giovanni's was, and then Anthony's, and then something else. The new one is called Madonia or something like that.
I really, really hope for a neighborhood hangout with maybe...music? Not another wannabe fancy restaurant calling out for Gordon Ramsey!

Streets of Stamford said...

Yay! Now I'll have two choices when I want to be elbowed by pushy Aryans and play chicken in the parking lot with rich b**ches in Escalades!

Julie said...

Yeah, not a big WF fan (oh, the other things THAT could stand for!) but I will check it out once it opens regardless just for something to do....

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments here. WF wouldn't be such a hit here if the regular grocery stores weren't so miserable and bleak.

Also, the infrastructure in the FC is about 100 years out of date and designed for about 40% of the current population we have. Just about everything normal people take for granted, such as driving 1 mile, parking and getting fresh lettuce, is a hassle in FC.

When is Stamford going to finally allow that CVS to start building at the Bulls Head intersection? Never mind the WTC buildings, what gives?