Monday, August 24, 2009

Laundry Drama on Newfield

Stamfordites, please help my friend H. She came up from NYC to help me out today, and her hard-earned 20 dollar bill got eaten by a change machine at Newfield Green Laundromat. Here is her sob story; let me know if you can help her out!

I just moved into a new apartment in the city with no laundry facilities, and I had two baskets full of laundry. I thought, “Hey, while I hang out with friends, I’ll go drop some laundry in the washer and dryer at a local Laundromat in Stamford. No big deal. Drop it off, move it from washer to dryer, fold it- well, you get it.” So, I just ran to Newfield Green Laundromat at 575 Newfield Ave. I’ve never been there but it looks clean and fine.

I actually had a feeling as I was lugging my two baskets, soap and crisp $20.00 bill into the facility that I might lose my money in the change machine. This has happened to me once before in Riverside, CT where after calling the owners of the Laundromat, they came right over and gave me the 20 back without question.

Inside Newfield, I found a little nook, set my baskets down, and made my way to the machine to change my 20. There was woman before me getting money and it all looked good: 1.00 in, 4 quarters out. Up next. I choose the left side (should have chosen the right side that was obviously working). 20 dollars in…. nothing. Great.

There were several people around so kicking the machine seemed a bit juvenile. Oh well, I kicked it once anyway. Then I looked for a form to fill out to indicate that the left side of the machine wasn’t working. NO forms. Oh, there’s a basket for the forms and a place to put the form and a note to the company, but there’s no forms. So I look for a number for the management. It’s about 4:15, so I think, of course, someone should answer; it’s within business hours. No one answers. NOT EVEN A MACHINE. I know I’m in the 21st century. Weren’t answering machines invented a while ago?

Does anyone know the people at that laundry place? I’d love to get my friend H her money back.

H, to me as I’m editing this and getting it ready to post:
“BTW, you can also add that I almost cried, and that I’m about to get kicked out of my illegal sublet, so this is the icing on my cake.”


Cathy T. said...

You can try going into the liquor store a few doors down from the laundromat. Apparently, the people who own the laundromat also own the liquor store. Did you happen to see a young girl in the back of the laundromat sitting there with ear buds in her ears listening to an ipod? No matter. Even if you did, she can't help you. When I lost money the last time I was in the laundromat she sent me to the liquor store where I was promptly, albiet gruffly, refunded my money.
Good luck!

J from CT said...

One of the rare times where I've had to hit the laundromat, I had a similar situation where the machine ate my bill about a year ago.

Their maintenance guy happened to be there repairing machines, and saw what happened. I didn't even have to ask, he walked up to me and said, "Took your money, too, huh? This thing's been giving us problems lately," and proceeded to refund my money and stood there as I tried again (this time it worked).

He couldn't have been nicer.

Anonymous said...

So how did it turn out? success?

Anonymous said...

don't even get me started on the clothes lines in the Greenwich housing complexes....