Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thai Chi's Green Curry Rivals Little Buddha

Actually, I'd say it beats it in the spicy category. WOW!
TC is less sweet/creamy, so probably made with less coconut milk (or whatever, I'm no chef) than LB and its Darien sibling Little Thai Kitchen.
TC's meal contained a lot of perfectly cooked eggplant, allowing me to believe that I was eating healthy. It was a good night of delivery food.
I have a sweet tooth, so I you forced me to choose one, I'd have to go with Little Buddha's sweeter version. (And I'd ask them to make it as spicy as Thai Chi's!)
Oh- and I have to also point out- the non-creaminess of TC's green curry makes it go better with a beer, in my opinion.
PS this post is short because I'm on the iPhone.


Poems in Search of Pictures said...

As someone who adores green curry, this is good stuff - I always ordered it at Galangal and of course (*single tear*) they are no more. I'll definitely try the new and relatively new additions.

PS - what's a girl gotta do to be among the "other local bloggers" - soooooo sad...

Streets of Stamford said...

Notesy: StamfordTalk can be bribed with food and/or baby stuff.

Anonymous said...

Blog war! Notes v. Talk - it's on!

Anonymous said...
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Stamford Talk said...

I have to smile at the blog war comment- I wish my life were that exciting!
SOS, I WISH I were bribable, but I am a horrible liar, and I'd feel bad about it. I am way too ethical. Sucks.