Wednesday, December 23, 2009

El Charrito Filmed By TLC Tues!

Cool! More TV coverage for Stamford! The taco truck on Richmond Hill (you know, in front of Beamers), will be filmed around noon Tuesday. From El Charrito's Facebook page:

I also wanted to let everyone know that El Charrito was chosen to be
on a tv show as the top 10 best street food vendors world wide. This
show is going to be aired on TLC channel. We will begin shooting the
show on Dec29th I believe.

That's awesome. I'll surely try to do a drive-by of the scene. If you can go and show support, especially if you have eaten there before, you really should, and please report back to me!

I've been once, last summer- actually, a year and a half ago- and it was delicious.


Streets of Stamford said...

Nice! I had their fish al diablo tacos recently, and they were delicious!

If I take a break from my usual pre-Christmas visit to Beamer's, I'll try to check out TLC's visit!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with this award, in all respects!

malerie Yolen-Cohen said...

I wrote about this place on my Stamfordonthecheap blog on Dec. 22nd. I LOVED this little food truck and hope they get crowds after this tv show!

Fred said...

El Charrito is indeed one of the finest examples of authentic Mexican food around. I was there today while TLC was filming for the new show called "American Eats". Nothing too exciting. The Stamford Advocate was there as well. Not a lot of people out as it was freezing today. BTW, El Charrito will be closing at the end of this week for the winter - look for them again in March.