Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Photos of Stamford's Movie Sets for "Everybody's Fine"

Hee hee! This Advocate article features the owners of the home that was one of the 3 movie sets I stalked last spring. (The movie is "Everybody's Fine" with Robert DeNiro, Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore, out in theaters now.)

At the first set, up in North Stamford, I met the location manager and security guy. That was this big beautiful white house.

And here were the signs and trucks I followed to get there:

The article features the second set, in Shippan, where I befriended some policemen and said howdy again to the same security guy. It's just a regular house.

The third set, I ran into the location manager, then one of the same policemen, and got to watch DeNiro work. And actually, that third set I didn't stalk. I was picking my mom up at the train station and happened to glance up and see the location manager. He was horrified to see me but begrudgingly let me know where they were filming (bus area).

These aren't pics of DeNiro. I am WAY TOO SUBTLE for that. These are the policemen and the guy walking in the dark sweatshirt is the location manager, Paul. (Geez, I just remembered his name. I am GOOD with names.)

The Shippan set was totally boring. I stood in the road for two hours, talking to the policemen between "quiet on the set"s- except the set was inside the house, but we still had to be quiet. There were a lot of people wearing black shirts and striding around importantly. But this boring two hours were what got me to know enough people to get close enough to watch DeNiro the third time.

And actually, before all this, I saw them filming on Wash Blvd. There was a car on a flatbed being filmed as it rode. I didn't see who was in the car, and the photo I snapped managed to get the flatbed truck, but not the car! But that was when I got my taste of movie glamour, and there was no looking back.

See? There's the flatbed. To the right, out of the photo, would be the actual car I was trying to photograph and failed, because there's only so much photography you can do while driving PAST something.


262mom said...

Well, those are gorgeous homes. I could neve afford one, but in the event they go for bottom dollar, lemmem know!

Anonymous said...

hey ST - off topic..what is a good webiste to see happenings in stamford for toddlers & kids?


Stamford Talk said...

Oh geez good question. Start with Fairfield County Child. I'm starting a new blog, http://fcmom.blogspot.com, which now mostly has baby stuff, but eventually, when the babe starts to toddle, will have more stuff like that!
I've found, and maybe this is a stupidly obvious statement, that the best way to find good stuff is to meet other parents and just copy what they do.
I love Stamford Museum and Nature Center and also the Stepping Stones Museum in Norwalk!
My Little Gym, those places, I hear good things about too.
So, go to those places, and steal those parents' ideas!