Friday, May 7, 2010

Stupid Tree Allergies!!!

Is anyone else DYING here?
I literally have no voice as of last night.
I cannot talk.

I am allergic to everything (trees, grasses, dust, mold, cats, pollen) except dogs- and I'm even slightly allergic to dogs! told me that tree allergies were "VERY HIGH" the past couple days, like in the RED ZONE, at the top of the chart, so I think I can confidently blame the STUPID TREES for my feeling absolutely awful since Wednesday. Today and tomorrow they are "HIGH," then back up to very high Monday and Tuesday. Fantastic.

I got shots several years ago that helped- I did not have problems like this that I recall for the past two years- but maybe I need to get shots again. Claritin, Nasacort and echinacea tea not helping much. Calling allergist today.

I just need some people to tell me how awful they are feeling right now so I can feel like I can have company in this misery I'm in. Just tell me your allergies are REALLY BAD right now too.

Also, tell me who your allergist is and if you LOVE THEM.

Oh. The baby has also had a yucky cough and runny nose since Thursday, so I bet the poor kid is cursed with allergies too. Fortunately he seems to be feeling a bit better after starting antibiotics Monday- AGAIN- for his ears. I think his runny nose is from allergies, but I think it gunked up his ears. Either that, or the antibiotics for the ear infection he had two weeks ago didn't work.


Anonymous said...

I never had allergies in my life until we moved from one Stamford neighborhood to another.The allergist says I'm mistaken, that the pollen carries everywhere, but I'm convinced something dastardly growing in our neighborhood, or maybe our yard, is the culprit. Dr. Leslie Coleman is highly skilled, with a down to earth manner, and her office staff is lovely. Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the pollen is just horrible. I could feel it blowing into my eyes and mouth on Saturday and actually had a rash on my face from being outside. I think it's worse now that I have a young child, because he loves to play outside which means I'm outside a lot more. Maybe you're outside more now too?